Happy 17th Birthday to “Welcome to the Hellmouth!”– Buffy’s 1st Episode + Links to My Ongoing Retrospective

Wow – has it really been 17 years since the premiere of the television version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? *clutches chest* I may be in my early-30’s, but that still makes me feel quite old. According to my calculations, I was 15-going-on-16 when “Welcome to the Hellmouth” first aired. *clutches chest again* For many people of my generation, Buffy was our show. It spoke to us about our high school and teenage experiences that other shows really hadn’t up until that point (though My So-Called Life and Daria are two other excellent examples of my generation). High school could literally be Hell at times, though I doubt most high schools didn’t reside over Hellmouths, though I question my former high school at times…

Sure, there were many supernatural elements in the show, but to associate the supernatural with real-life events really made the show unique, as well as strong, well-written characters and many amazing moments that caused us to laugh, cry, shout, shake our fists at, and bond over. As I’ve gone over in my retrospective posts, which are all conveniently listed below, there are some moments that really speak to us as viewers. To this day, most of the episodes hold up pretty well and some not-so-much. But even the worst episodes are quite enjoyable and fun to re-watch with fans old and new.

I salute you, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, on such a major accomplishment and still being a fan-favorite after all of these years. If you still have time in your timezones, throw on “Welcome to the Hellmouth” and enjoy the trip down 1990’s TV nostalgia. There is a Slayer born into every generation, and that Slayer is Buffy Summers. The woman deserves as much recognition that we can give her – let’s pay tribute by binge-watching all seven seasons. Well, if you can work them around your Real Life and work schedules.

Slightly Funny Side-note: Today is also my boss’ birthday. How coincidental. She’s kickass like Buffy, but without the stakes or vampires to fight.


(01) A 15-Year Retrospective On The “Girl With A Stake Who Saved The World (Again)”


(02) Seven Seasons Reduced to Fourteen Minutes


(03) And These Are A Few Of My (Most) Favorite Scenes – Part One


(04) And These Are A Few Of My (Most) Favorite Scenes – Part Two


(05) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 1 of 3 – Seasons One-Two)


(06) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 2 of 3 – Season Three)


(07) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 2 of 3 – Season Four)


(08) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 3 of 3 – Seasons Five-Six)


(09) Full Season Pick-Up (Favorite Episodes – Part 3 of 3 – Season Seven)


(10) The Characters, Part 1 – Favorite Character (Always “Five By Five”)


(11) They Will Always Save Us [Team Slayer] – Part 2


(12) They Will Try To Destroy Us [Team Evil] – Part 3


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