“Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping…waiting…and though unwanted…unbidden…it will stir…open its jaws, and howl. It speaks to us…guides us. Passion rules us all. And we obey. What other choice do we have? Passion is the source of our finest moments. the joy of love…the clarity of hatred…and the ecstasy of grief. It hurts sometimes more than we can bear. If we could live without passion, maybe we’d know some kind of peace. But we would be hollow. Empty rooms, shuttered and dank. Without passion, we’d truly be dead.” – Angel, Season 2, Episode 17, “Passion”

I’ve covered a lot of my favorite scenes from the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Welcome to the second half of this entry with most of my favorite scenes from the last four seasons of the series. Once again, this is not a complete list of every single scene that I’ve loved throughout the series, but the ones that have stayed with me throughout the years. A lot of these scenes will pop up in my next Buffy entry – my ode to my favorite episodes.

It’s always hard to try and limit yourself to something as restrictive as picking just your favorite  something that you love and are devoted to, but I find it helps with the creative process because it really forces you to think about why you think something is so awesome to you. That’s why I decided to dedicate several entries of this blog to Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it is a show that I’ve always been passionate about. I love to talk about it, interact with fellow fans, read articles about it in print and on the Internet, re-watch episodes that I have seen so many times before to discover things that I never noticed during my first few viewings.

I do admit that I have not seen Season 5-7 as much as I have of the first four, so this may be a bit of a shorter post than my previous one. There’s really no reason why; I think wrok and real life got in the way of my viewings. I remember seeing them during their original suns on TV.

Please allow me to entertain you with some of my favorite scenes from Seasons Four through Seven, and as always please feel free to leave your comments at the end of the scenes that you loved from these seasons. Let us continue the game! And, as always: There Be SPOILERS!



Episode 1 – “The Freshman” – No real scene in particular, but seeing Buffy and her friends transition from high school to the college years was an interesting and refreshing start to the season.

Episode 2 – “Living Conditions” – Buffy finds out that her new dorm-mate might be an interstellar demon stealing her life essence, but she is also horrified by the fact that the young woman is an obsessive fan of Celine Dion and leaving her toenail clippings everywhere.

Episode 3 – “The Harsh Light of Day” – Spike is now hooked up with Harmony Kendall, the annoying blonde former best friend of Cordelia Chase – she’s also a vampire. Spike faces off with Buffy in the daylight, thanks to the Ring of Amara, which grants its vampire wearer immunity from the sunlight, making them a bigger threat than ever before.

Episode 4 – “Fear Itself” – Another great Halloween episode from the Buffy archives, with a fraternity haunted house literally turning into the real thing, and feeding off of each victim’s worst nightmare. Anya’s bunny rabbit costume is pure classic awesomeness.


Episode 9 – “Something Blue” – Willow’s spell misfires and makes Buffy and Spike fall in love with one another (foreshadowing for future seasons?), and she has to reverse the effects before more hijinks ensue.

Episode 10 – “Hush” – This is one of my favorite episodes and another instant classic. It’s funny, it’s scary, and we see new friendships forming. My favorite demons, the Gentlemen, take center stage, and they are creepy as hell. The second half of the episode features the Scooby Gang and all of Sunnydale losing their voices thanks to the Gentlemen, and seeing the characters interact while unable to speak to one another is one of the funniest things you’ll see.

Episode 12 – “A New Man” – Giles gets changed into a demon thanks to archnemesis Ethan Rayne, and only Spike can knows the truth and offers to help (with some monetary coaxing).

Episode 15 – “This Year’s Girl” – Buffy’s archnemesis, fellow Slayer Faith, awakes from her coma and enacts revenge on Buffy and her friends. As a Faith fangirl, I screamed when I saw her come back. There are several notable scenes, but the best one is the epic fight at the end of the episode, when Faith threatens Joyce (Buffy’s mom) and Buffy comes to the rescue.

Episode 16 – “Who Are You?” – Continuing from the previous episode, Faith had a magickal device that she used in her fight against Buffy and switched their souls, forcing her soul into Buffy’s body, and vice-versa. Faith really messes with Buffy’s friends while Buffy experiences what it’s like to be in Faith’s body and feels all of the hate towards her. Faith unleashes all of her self-loathing and pain on Buffy (in her body) in a pivotal scene inside a church.

Episode 18 – “Where The Wild Things Are” – Oz, after taking a hiatus from the show and the Scooby Gang to learn to control his werewolf tendencies, arrives back in Sunnydale and runs into Tara, Willow’s girlfriend. He can smell Willow on her and realizes what her relationship is to his ex, and he starts to transform before her eyes, scaring Tara.

Episode 21 – “Primeval” – I covered Season Four in my “Seven Seasons in Fourteen Minutes” post, but to refresh your memory: the Big Bad of this season was the cyber-human-demon hybrid Adam. Adam proves to be an unstoppable opponent for Buffy, but thanks to some spellcasting by her friends, she gains the powers of an ancient being that helps her kick Adam’s ass.



Episode 1 – “Buffy vs. Dracula” – The episode title is self-explanatory, but Buffy has a confrontation in a cemetery with the most famous of all vampires, Dracula.

Episode 5 – “No Place Like Home” – Buffy learns that her younger sister, Dawn, has not always been in her life. Dawn is really a supernatural “Key” that can open portals between our world and the demon dimensions. These monks changed the Key into human form to protect it from new Big Bad Glory, a Hell Goddess. A dying monk tells Buffy that they created memories for her and her friends, making them think that Dawn was there in their lives the whole time.

Episode 6– “Family” – Tara learns how much she means to the members of the Scooby Gang when her family comes into town and asks her to come back with them, telling her that she has demon blood within her (or demonlike power), but it turns out she really doesn’t; her family is really made up of assholes (and Amy Adams!).

Episode 7 – “Fool for Love” – In one of my favorite Spike-centric episodes, we take a look back into his life before turning into a vampire and we learn he was a timid Englishman who was a bad poet, before he met the psychotically beautiful Drusilla, who sired him.

Episode 14 – “Crush” – Any episode where my other favorite brunette, Drusilla, appears in is going to be a good one (see above). Drusilla and Harmony meet for the first time, with Spike right in the middle of their confrontation. I wish Drusilla would just kill Harmony off – one less annoying character to deal with.

Episode 16 – “The Body” – I will go into more detail as this is one of my favorite episodes of the series, but the most somber and emotional. I don’t want to spoil it, but the first 10 minutes are the most soul-crushing. There is no music, which adds to the total mood of the episode, and the performances by the cast are some of the best of the series.

Episode 22 – “The Gift” – This was the original “ending” of the series, as the WB decided to end the show. Buffy has to make the ultimate decision about sacrifice when she faces off against Glory, who opens a portal to her Hell dimension using Dawn’s blood. As the monk earlier in the season had told Buffy: Dawn was created using her blood and became a part of her family; therefore, Buffy’s blood can also be used to close the portal…



Note: I honestly don’t recall much from Season Six, and it’s not because I was trying to avoid it or didn’t care for Spike and Buffy’s “relationship;” I haven’t seen these episodes in years, so this will be updated soon when I do.

Episode 1 & 2 – “Bargaining, Part One and Two” –  Buffy’s friends, distraught after her sacrifice in the episode “The Gift,” use magick to bring Buffy back from beyond the grave, but throughout the season we learn the effects of this on Buffy’s psyche as she takes a dark turn and does things that aren’t Buffy-like. This darkness permeates the season and surrounds her friends as well.

Episode 7 – “Once More, with Feeling” – Ah, yes – the (in)famous musical episode. My favorite scene is the group ensemble of “Walk Through The Fire;” it will stay stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Now that I think re-think about my feelings about this episode – I think it may be my favorite (this could also be the booze talking, LMAO!).

Episode 8 – “Tabula Rasa” – Willow + magick = bad things usually happen, and unfortunately Tara is the victim in this episode. I want to give Tara a thousand hugs after watching this episode. Willow’s growing addiction to magick has horrible consequences later on as the season progresses.

Episode 18 – “Entropy” – Lots of emotions flowing through this episode, but the ending is the best part: Willow and Tara get back together and lots of sweet kisses commence! But alas – this will be short-lived in…

Episode 19 – “Seeing Red” – …when a horrible, tragic thing happens to their renewed relationship, thanks to a bullet from a gun that’s being held by one of this season’s Big Bads: the leader of the Nerds of Doom, Warren. Warren severely injures Buffy, but poor Tara is not so fortunate.  This episode also begins the arc of our new Big Bad.

Episode 20 – “Villains” – Our Nerds of Doom don’t stand a chance against our real Big Bad, Willow Rosenberg herself, who turns into Buffy’s version of Dark Phoenix. Willow performs her most monstrous act (filleting Warren alive). He was an asshole who killed before, but do two wrongs really make a right? I understand her reasons behind it. “Bored now.”

Episode 22 – “Grave” – Willow is hellbent on destroying the world, making it feel the pain she feels after losing the love of her life. To feel that much hate, that much anger, that much sadness… I can’t even begin to imagine.



Note: As I previously stated in my Season Six scenes breakdown, I don’t recall much of Season Seven either. Please bear with me as I try to recall moments from this season. Oh, how I wish I had paid more attention when it first aired! *grumbles*

Episode 1 – “Lessons” – Buffy explains the fine points of slaying with her sister Dawn, teaching her how to kill a vampire, but the poor guy is stuck in the ground and can’t attack them properly. Vampire FAIL!

Episode 2 – “Beneath You” – My favorite scene is the touching moment between Giles and Willow, who is in England going through ‘recovery’ after her obsession with magick had eclipsed at the end of Season Six. Willow’s use of magick will be important later on in the season, but she will use it for good.

Episode 7 – “Conversations with Dead People” – The most demonic scene of this episode features Willow talking to the young woman named Cassie. She claims that Tara is talking through her, but in fact she’s one of the many apparitions appearing before the Slayer and her friends courtesy of our new Big Bad – an ancient enemy seen before called The First Evil, or The First for short (first appearance was in the Season Three episode “Amends”).

Episode 13 – “The Killer in Me” – Willow and Potential Slayer Kennedy (the new heroines that join our season –  young girls who are being hunted down by The First because of their Slayer Calling) go on a “date” of sorts. But the most “monstrous” scene is when Willow’s guilt gets the better of her and she turns into a visage of her worst nightmare: Warren, the asshole Nerd of Doom who killed her previous beloved – Tara. Only Kennedy’s love can save Willow from permanently looking like the jerk.

Episode 17 – “Lies My Parents Told Me” – We find out that Robin Wood, the new Principal of the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High, is the son of a Slayer that Spike killed in the 1980’s. Wood finally has a confrontation with him, but he gets his ass kicked (never lied Wood).

Episode 18 – “Dirty Girls” – Our agent of The First is the preacher Caleb, who is more of a demonic preacher than one who walks with God. He injures one of the new Potentials, and Buffy learns that she has a lot more to deal with now. Oh, and we also get the much-welcome return of… Faith! Poor Xander is, unfortunately, our victim in this episode (poor guy loses an eye – OUCH!).

Episode 19 – “Empty Places” – Faith and her mini-me, Kennedy, have a heart-to-heart in the kitchen. Or just hang out. I wish they would’ve explored their friendship more. And Buffy tries to come up with a new plan of attack, but the Potentials are slowly turning against her and her leadership skills. The girls, fed up with Buffy, throw her out of her own house. Buffy then  relieves leadership of the group to Faith, who has shown her renewed loyalty to Buffy.

Episode 20 – “Touched” – Seeing Faith as a leader and one to be respected is a nice change of pace, and Faith has finally shown that she has found redemption and is willing to help out the Scoobies again. But Caleb and the Bringers are holding out on the Faith and the Potentials…

Episode 21 – “End of Days” – Buffy finds a super, wicked-ass powerful Slayer weapon that Caleb and The First have been searching for. This weapon will change the coming Apocalyptic battle between The First and its army of uber-vamps called the Turok-Han. But first Buffy has to survive long enough to keep the ultimate Slayer weapon within her grasp.

Episode 22 – “Chosen” – We have come to the series finale of our show, and Buffy and her friends face off against The First and its army by banding together and using all of their Slayer power – and a nifty spell utilized by Willow and channeled through the special Slayer weapon (thank you, Scythe!). Willow’s spell channels Buffy and Faith’s Slayer power and turns all of the Potentials into true Slayers.