FANGIRL SQUEALING WARNING: Hello, this is a semi-important message from the writer of this blog. Please do not panic, do not reach for your weapons, this is a Fangirl Moment. This is not the zombie apocalypse or Terminators rampaging about, unfortunately. Please proceed with the utmost caution for your own safety and sanity as you dive into this post. Thank you.

It’s time for a small update to the blog in the form of a very important issue close to my heart: helping Bo Dennis (Anna Silk) and Lauren Lewis (Zoie Palmer) – aka Doccubus – from Lost Girl win the E! Online TV’s Top Couples Poll. There’s less than FIVE HOURS left for the polling action, so please participate and vote often, and leave lovely comments. Showrunner Emily Andras has visited the comments section, and the stars themselves have been tweeting their love, appreciation, and support for the fans. How cool are they!

docthevote(click on the lovely picture above to place your vote for Team Doccubus!)

The Canadian Show that Continues Winning Fans Over has been doing extremely well in this sometimes-heated and tight race against many strong fandoms and their couples from the beginning early rounds until now, the home-stretch and final round. They are in the final round of the poll up against the behemoth known as Glee’s cheerleadin’ star duo Brittana (Brittany and Santana) Apologies for the brain freeze and forgetting their last names. Doh! We’re talking about a couple on a show seen by millions of viewers worldwide (Glee) and a couple on a show that’s gaining fans around the world who are falling head-over-feet for Lost Girl.

I won’t go into super-hyper-fangirl mode and get into Doccubus or Lost Girl now ’cause I already have another post lined up that will be appearing later tonight. But what makes this couple so wonderful and significant is that it’s not just a same-sex couple treated with the utmost respect by the showrunner, the writers, and the actresses involved  but it’s a healthy, mature adult relationship that mirrors real-life relationships. Well minus the fact that Bo is a Succubus and Lauren is human, but still – their relationship is beautiful, authentic, and so loving.

So, fellow Lost Girl fans who haven’t voted yet and for those who want to see this awesome couple gain more exposure in the mainstream media, vote for them. Vote for Canada, vote for love, vote for awesome TV shows, and most of all – vote for Doccubus.

And a few more pictures to help convince the undecided:



And in the wise and witty words of one Dr. Lauren Lewis: “Keep calm and carry out experiments.”