Sylent Mari Speaks!: Viewer Discretion Advised for younger viewers ’cause some of the content can be quite sexy and violent, but I know of many families who watch together, but just watching out for some of my younger fans – If I have any.

Also, as advanced as we are becoming as a human race in terms of equality for all, there are some people who have their own personal beliefs about sexuality, sexual orientation, etc. With that in mind, Lost Girl gets pretty sexy in almost every episode, but not True Blood levels of hot-as-hell-sexy-times. Also, it’s a very LGBTQ-friendly show (two of the lead characters fall under the “L” and the “B”). If that bothers you…that’s your choice to skip this show, but you’ll be missing out on a really fun show.

And lastly, to be fair to all ‘shippers, there are shots of DyBo (Dyson/Bo), Doccubus (Lauren/Bo), and Valkubus (Tamsin/Bo). I’m a Doccubus fan, personally, but Valkubus runs a close-second, and I love and respect my DyBo homies. ‘Ship what you love! <3


Always a date late – sigh. But that’s okay! It’s time for a Lost Girl Re-Watch for fans of the show, and welcome new viewers to the program who will be calling this their late-entry into the series: It’s Fae-ntastic! An Introduction to Lost Girl 101. The first two episodes are up tonight, but you can marathon the episodes too. Binge-watching Lost Girl is highly recommended by me; that’s how I acquainted myself with the show when I first watched it, with plenty of beer and food as I barricaded myself in my apartment over that three-day weekend I had from work (back on April 2012(. The first two episodes are grouped together because they both work great as an introduction into the series for new fans, and a great refresher for fans who may have not seen them in a while. My re-watch recap of the first two episodes will be posted tomorrow (Thursday). In the meantime, you still have some time to watch these first two episodes if you’re -6:00 hrs GMT and beyond…

OK, OK – watch the first three episodes Thursday, ’cause it’ll be easier on me, on you lovely viewers, and then we can all rest easy. Or keep watching. This is just a suggested viewing schedule, but feel free to watch in any order. Watch them all within a few days. Take your time ’til january (U.S. fans). But this show is a hell of a lot more fun to watch with a group of friends – that’s how I watched half of Season 3. The more the merrier! 


Lost Girl didn’t hit the United States until January 2012 when the first season was aired, and the second season was immediately aired following the final episode of Season 1, so that American viewers weren’t too far behind from Canada and the rest of the world. I may have had one or two friends who started watching the series when it first aired on the Syfy Channel here in the United States back in January 2012, but I decided to give it a shot after reading so much about it online, and I haven’t looked back since. I binge-watched and told my then-girlfriend to watch the show. Another marathon-viewing later, and she was hooked. We’ve both spread the word to our friends, and I just got a close friend and her wife into it before I took my Epic Canadian Lost Girl-inspired journey to Toronto and Fan Expo Canada. If they were giving prizes for recruiting fans, I should get at least have a new living-room set by now.

You’ll notice on some dates below that there are two episodes that I’ve recommended for viewing that day. These episodes are specific to the ever-encompassing mythology and overall storyline of the series, and it’s best to view them together. You’ll also notice that there are multiple episodes from Seasons 2 and 3 featured, because these episodes are important to watch back-to-back – in my opinion. As I mentioned in a previous post, Season 1 has 13 episodes, Season 2 has 22, and Season 3 drops back down to 13. Season 4 will be aired on November 10 and is called “In Memoriam,” and you will quickly learn why it’s called that after watching the last two episodes of Season 3, which I highly-recommend watching right before the premiere of Season 4 (as you can see in the schedule below).

Season 3 is not officially out on DVD yet. The drop date is November 19 for the U.S., and I believe it will be a simultaneous release with Canada. I will double-check on the Canadian and worldwide release dates, but November 19 you’ll be able to grab Season 3 on DVD and Blu-Ray. With that in mind, watching Season 3 might prove to be a bit difficult. If you have friends who have all of Season 3 recorded, plan to meet up and stay for a few nights. If they don’t have Season 3, you can check out some of the episodes on Showcase (Canada – geoblocked elsewhere), Syfy (United States – geoblocked elsewhere), and other channel websites in your own countries.

And now, for your viewing pleasure: the Lost Girl Re-Watch/First-Timers Viewing Schedule. There are some spoiler-ish images, but nothing major spoiled. Really – it’s just pictures of the beautiful, beautiful cast members. Heh.


+ + [ [ SEASON ONE: OCTOBER 2 – OCTOBER 13 ] ] + +

October 2-3
“It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World”
“Where There’s A Will, “There’s a Fae”


October 3 (plus the first 2 eps if you wanna watch 3 in a row)
“Oh Kappa, My Kappa”


October 4
“Faetal Attraction”


October 5
“Dead Lucky”


October 6
“Food for Thought”


October 7


October 8


October 9
“Fae Day”


October 10
“The Mourning After”


October 11
“Faetal Justice”


October 12
“(Dis)Members Only”


October 13
“Blood Lines”



+ + [ [ SEASON TWO: OCTOBER 14 – OCTOBER 31 ] ] + +

October 14
“Something Wicked This Fae Comes”
“I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)”


October 15
“Scream a Little Dream”


October 16
“Mirror, Mirror”


October 17
“BrotherFae of the Wolves”


October 18
“It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away”


October 19
“Fae Gone Wild”


October 20
“Death Didn’t Become Him”


October 21
“Original Skin”


October 22
“Raging Fae”


October 23
“Can’t See the Fae-rest”


October 24
“Barometz. Trick. Pressure.”


October 25
“Midnight Lamp”


October 26
“Table for Fae”


October 27
“School’s Out”


October 28
“The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire”


October 29
“Fae-nted Love”


October 30
“Truth and Consequences”
“Lachlan’s Gambit”


October 31
“Into the Dark”
“Flesh and Blood”



+ + [ [ SEASON THREE: NOVEMBER 1 – NOVEMBER 10 ] ] + +

November 1
“Caged Fae”


November 2


November 3


November 4
“Fae-de to Black”


November 5
“Faes Wide Shut”
“The Kenzi Scale”


November 6
“There’s Bo Place Like Home”


November 7
“Fae-ge Against the Machine”


November 8


November 9
“Adventures in Fae-bysitting”


November 10
“Hail, Hale”
“Those Who Wander”