Welcome back to A Voyage into the Quirky, Offbeat, and Geek-Obsessed! I have a new theme for the blog this year – comic conventions and the fans who love ’em. My lovely new header is an above-crowd picture that I took in Toronto last year at Fan Expo Canada, Canada’s largest convention and North America’s 3rd largest, after San Diego and New York. That was such a fun experience and for this fan of all things Canadian, I went into fangirl-overdrive geekin’ out over my favorite Canadian actors and television series and films.

Last year was a crazy year for this blogger. I had so much going on in my personal life that I neglected this blog for a while, which made me a sad bloggin’ panda. I had more downs-than-up’s, but I made it through the year mostly unscathed. I learned that good things come to people who wait, though that wait was taking friggin’ forever and I wanted a positive outcome sooner rather than later. But patience won in the end. In the middle of the chaos I got to travel to New York, Massachusetts, and Canada solo. Well –  with family – but it was my first solo outing as an adult, and I managed not to get into trouble, insult an entire nation, or get arrested.

One of my favorite things about my trip – hanging outside the Metro Toronto Convention Center (MTCC) and having Canadians asking me about the Albuquerque-based series Breaking Bad. Yeah, I was totally cool for a few minutes and even did a New Mexico/Breaking Bad shout-out at the Orphan Black panel, thus embarrassing myself but it was totally worth it. It’s kinda neat that NM’s on the map for the show, but of course we all get that question of “Is Albuquerque really like the show?” Answer: depends on which part of town you venture to. *insert wah-wah sound*

I hope you enjoy the posts I’ve got planned for this year, now that I’ve gotten a lot of major work projects out of the way. Now just need to get my Real Life to slow down a bit, and then I’ll be a happy camper. While you patiently wait for the first of my multi-part adventures in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada, take a moment to look at some of the pretty pictures I took on my trip:

From ascending order: 1) Leaving Albuquerque, 2) Baltimore airport, 3) Peace Bridge US/Canada border crossing, 4) Duff’s Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, NY (he he), 5) Niagara Falls – Canadian side, 6) Entering Massachusetts, 7) Downtown Toronto

Solo plane flight, now with less panic attacks!

2-hour layaway gave me a chance to explore.

Right before entering Canada for 1st time

Duff's = awesome wings

Americans get to see the falls from behind

First time going back to MA in 25 years

It was extremely warm for an August day - felt like NM