Do you have plans for this weekend that involve leaving your house for several hours and enjoying the great outdoors, shopping trips with family before Easter Sunday, or any other extracurricular activities requiring you to be away from your TV? CANCEL THEM IMMEDIATELY. Tonight and tomorrow marks a full Season 1 rerun of one of the best television shows to be currently airing: Orphan Black.

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, watch it NOW. Before the second season starts tomorrow night. I’ve been marathoning it this week, in-between working and avoiding all social interactions with friends. Okay, that’s partially true – I haven’t seen any of my friends this week.

What is Orphan Black about? You could probably ask one of your friends who’s part of Clone Club, but they might be too busy re-watching the episodes, theorizing about what will happen during the new season, or trying to figure out how many clones there really are.

What is Orphan Black in a nutshell? It’s about a woman who discovers that she was cloned, as she discovers one of her clones right before she the clone) commits suicide by stepping in front of an oncoming commuter train. Sarah Manning’s life is quickly turned upside down, and she has to discover why there are clones of her, the secrets about her life growing up, and so much more. Yes, that is a crappy explanation, but there is so much story to discover while watching the series.

This video that I’m just gonna place here and leave for you to watch is a recap from BBC America, the home of Orphan Black. I have a much longer post to add tonight with more videos and pictures from the Orphan Black panel that I took at last year’s Fan Expo (oh, that was such an awesome time!).

Here’s the viewing schedule for the rest of the Season 1 rerun marathon tonight, and your last chance to see it all from the beginning later tonight and early Saturday morning:

Orphan Black Season 1 Marathon Schedule