I am releasing this Saturday post to the masses first ’cause I have a bit more to finish up on my Lost Girl post. I know there are a few who would love to read about my adventures in Fae-dom. While you wait, please enjoy all 50,000* pictures that I took that day. While the first half of the day was spent with me fangirling over everything Lost Girl, I did walk around both convention buildings and check out lots of exhibits. There was so much that happened that day, and I missed out on some panels because I spent a lot of time hanging out at Showcase’s booth and hanging out with fellow Lost Girl fans, as well as the show’s then-showrunner – Emily Andras. That’s not to say that I didn’t have a chance-of-a-lifetime in hanging out with the showrunner of a show that I love and shooting the shit with her and several other fans for a good 30+ minutes. I just wish the day had been at least several hours longer so that I could’ve seen everything the day had to offer.

* this number is super-exaggerated.

I wish that I had gotten to see and meet the Twisted Twins themselves, Jen and Sylvia Soska, who were then unleashing their film American Mary to the masses. They were screening the film too at the Expo, from what I remember; it would’ve been cool to have gone to the screening. If you are a horror fan, I highly recommend seeing the film. It’s cool to see more female-driven content appearing across all media platforms in recent years, and especially in the horror genre. While I didn’t get the chance to meet them, I did walk by them and wave to both lovely ladies. What was cool to see was how much they loved and appreciated every fan that had taken the opportunity to see American Mary and give their feedback. They have a few cinematic works coming out every soon: a segment in The ABC’s of Death 2 and See No Evil 2. The first ABC’s of Death was a very hit-or-miss horror anthology that had some really good entries, and some that were crap. See No Evil 2 is a sequel to the Kane Hodder-starring slasher film that came out a few years ago from WWE, and the sequel also co-stars horror icons and two of my favorite actresses, Katherine Isabelle and Danielle Harris.

Check out some of the kickass panels that were held on Saturday:


If I had a clone or two, I would’ve been able to attend most of the panels above. But I don’t regret my Lost Girl experience at all, and I still had a blast. I had so much fun and really got to see one of my favorite fandoms up close too. And I realize now that I may have taken fewer pictures than I had thought, or I need to double-check my SD card. Oh, wait – I spent a good portion of that day taking a bazillion pictures of the Lost Girl panel… Priorities, people!

The pictures below will be appropriately tagged sometime this week when I can get to them. Some of the characters a few of the cosplayers are protraying are unfamiliar to me, so I’d be eternally grateful if someone can help me tag the ones i’m unfamiliar with. Please, thank you, and repayment in the form of donuts.