Sylent Mari Says: I’m posting this late at night at the very last second, but I tried to proofread it and hoping it makes sense. I’ll make a few edits when I’m more alert tomorrow, heh.

I thought it’d be appropriate to post this exactly one year after the Lost Girl panel at Fan Expo Canada. I had this post finished and just needed to add the photos at the end, but I decided to hold off a bit longer. I can’t believe it’s already been a year, and I wish I was heading back up to the Great White North this weekend. I had so much fun, and this panel was one of the highlights of my trip. Heck, anything involving being out of New Mexico was a highlight for me, LOL. I am definitely returning next year and I know I’ll have a blast again. I hope to actually hang out in Canada a bit more this time and visit Ottawa and Montreal and a few other places.

I’m a Doccubus ‘shipper; they are my OTP (One True Pairing). I’ve name-dropped Doccubus a few times in this post. But I love and have respect for ‘ships in this fandom, and there are a few I like and follow too, like Valkubus, Denzi, CopDoc, etc. All Lost Girl ‘ships are welcome here. If you’re a fellow Faenatic, feel free to share in the love! If you’ve never seen the show, then those strange names above mean nothing to you and are just crazy fan jargon.

Also, if you’re wanting to see the whole cast this year, you’re gonna be out-of-luck. Anna, Rachel, Paul, and Kris will be at Fan Expo Canada this weekend, while Ksenia, Zoie, Rick, K.C., and Emmanuelle Vaugier (the Morrigan) will be at DragonCon (also this weekend). Have fun at whichever convention you’re going to, and don’t forget to share any pictures and spoilers with us fans!

Showcase promoted Season 4 of LG with this ‘scorcher ‘of a clip. Thank you, TV Gods!

Special Newbie Note: If you’re already a fan, skip ahead to the rest of this post. If you’re unfamiliar with what the heck Lost Girl is about, proceed on and read the synopsis below. Schedule a few days off from Real Life and work and binge-watch the first four seasons on Netflix. Be warned – binge-watching the show can lead to extended emotional states of panic, anxiety, distress, anger, happiness, and FEELS. Oh, the FEELS! Proceed with caution…

Bo Dennis is not your average “Young Woman Running From Her Past” lead character – she’s a Succubus who’s been in the dark about who she truly is. She is forced into a hidden world filled with a race of supernatural beings called the Fae. The Fae are split between two factions: Light & Dark. Bo herself is unaligned, which means she’s factionless (Team Human!), which is a thorn in the side of both sides. According to a mysterious prophecy, she’s supposed to bring the Fae together as one, and to rule over them as their Queen. No pressure…As a Succubus, she feeds off of chi, which is a person’s life energy. Her specialty, though, is using her sexual prowess to heal from any injury while having sex with Fae or humans, though using a human to heal is not always recommended. Where does one get that gig? Bo, unfortunately, had to deal with many dead human lovers, but she eventually learns to control her insatiable sexual hunger thanks to a Light Fae doctor, who will be introduced in three seconds…

She’s not picky at all about her lovers, as she freely chooses between men & women, human and Fae. Her main love interests are: a Light Fae wolf shapeshifter (Dyson Thornwood), a Dark Fae Valkyrie (Tamsin), and a human Light Fae doctor (Lauren Lewis). While there is the main love triangle with Dyson and Lauren, Tamsin and Bo also have an intense amount of interest and chemistry as well. Bo seems to have a type – Blondes, though she’s had a few other love interests pop up throughout the seasons.

Bo’s allies also include her human best friend/sister/platonic soulmate (Kenzi Malikov), a Light Fae Siren (Hale Santiago), a Dark Fae mesmer (controls people’s movements telepathically – Vex), and her grandfather – a Light Fae blood sage (anything written in his blood becomes law – Fitzpatrick McCorrigan, or “Trick” for short). Even Dark Fae leader the Morrigan has helped out Bo on occasion, but always with an ulterior motive. Throughout the series, she battles both humans and Fae as she gets closer to her ultimate destiny, and she also comes across many truths about her family and her birth parents.

For my fellow LGBTQ+ viewers, there’s lots of content for us too. What’s great is that no one is labeled “straight” or “lesbian” or “bisexual” on the show – they’re characters who fall in love with anyone, regardless of gender or labels. If we had to label them: Bo’s bisexual, Lauren’s a lesbian, Tamsin’s bisexual, the Dark Fae leader Evony Fleurette Marquise (aka the Morrigan) is bisexual, and Vex is queer. There’s also been many more gay, bi, and queer characters that have shown up and have had some episodes centered around them. Lost Girl is very open in its representation of sexuality in general for the TV world, which is always welcome.

Welcome to my Lost Girl Fangirl Power Hour. I’ll try to keep this as painless as possible – there’s lots of pictures from the panel below. As a homegrown show (Canadian-bred), it’s gotten a huge reception from its hometown (Toronto) crowd since the show made its first appearance at Fan Expo before the first season even aired four years ago. I thought it was cool to see how many fans traveled from all over to attend this panel alone. There were a few American fans (like yours truly), lots of Canadians, and others from different countries around the world representing a diverse fanbase.

For those just tuning in and visiting this lovely blog for the first time, in my first FEC 2013 post I mentioned a break-up that had happened to me a few years ago. When Lost Girl’s third season premiered on January 2013, I remember watching “Caged Fae” while my landlord’s dog lounged next to me on my futon. After watching the episode and having a fangirl meltdown when Bo asked Lauren to start a relationship with her (Doccubus became canon!), my then-broken heart got kickstarted. That episode was perfect in so many ways because it was a lot of fun to watch and had great character development, and it also delivered a much-needed canon same-sex couple to television. It’s not too often when you see an LGBTQ+ character lead a show either. I love the show for oh so many reasons, but I mainly like it because it’s a fun show to watch, it has some very good episodes, and I love the cast. So much so that I wanted to meet them all sometime. That happened sooner than I anticipated, but it was worth it.

I made the decision to go to Toronto and check out Fan Expo that night, a bit impulsively, but it was something that I needed to do for myself. I’m always the one taking care of friends and family, and I wanted to do something big and huge for myself. I posted on my Facebook that I was going to attend the Expo, and at that time I was looking at hotels and hostels to stay at for the duration of my trip. I had a family member that I hadn’t seen in 20 years write me and invited me to stay at their place in Buffalo, New York. I admit I was a but hesitant at first, but I saw this as a sign that I couldn’t back out of going. I’m also quite sure that I was starting to drive my friends nuts with my full-on teenage Emo angst state, and I needed a way to get out of my head for a little bit. Not to say that they weren’t jealous of me, LOL. I had gotten most of them into the show and they loved it as much as me, but I promised to take a lot of pictures for them. I shudder to think what would’ve happened if I hadn’t…

I purchased my ticket and had a slight heart attack when my purchase went through on my card, but my ticket confirmation never showed up in my e-mail. I contacted Customer Service and was expecting a response within a few days or weeks, but I immediately had a representative e-mail me back within an hour with an apology and my ticket confirmation. Wish our IT department at work responded just as quickly sometimes…

I did run into a lot of obstacles, which I won’t get into ‘cause my story’s so crazy that most people wouldn’t believe it. Yes, my Real Life exploits are memorable in many ways, but memorable as in “I may be permanently trapped in a Nightmare on Elm Street film” way. For every obstacle blocking my path and almost forcing me to postpone my trip, I had tons of good luck come my way too. Well, except for the night before leaving when I was in a panic over a lost passport, which I found thanks to the help of my roommate, who made sure I made it to the airport on time; she even did my laundry at an early-ass hour in the morning and helped me pack.

I left Fan Expo a little earlier than planned on Friday so that I had enough time to drive back across the border to my uncle’s house and spend some time with him and my aunt. They were expecting me at a later hour, but they also knew that I wanted to get as much rest as possible before venturing out early Saturday morning for the LG panel. Amount of sleep I actually got? Less than four hours – I was beyond excited, like a kid on Christmas morning or Halloween evening. I’m also used to “napping” at night ‘cause my work schedule is a mixture of day’s and night’s, so I never have a set sleep schedule.

I arrive early to the convention center, wait patiently for doors to open, and I’m greeted by the line of fans below:

Photo Credit: Maribel Martinez

Photo Credit: Maribel MartinezLost Girl fans lined up for the theater where the panel was being held.

While waiting in line, I met many, many lovely Canadian ladies and others from around the world, including several who run a really cool Lost Girl-related podcast called Drinks at the Dal (check them out!), while waiting in line for the panel to start. Their kindness meant a lot to me. I was solo and with a walker – something I never thought I would have to use in my 30’s already (back issues FTW!) Most of the fans that I met were fellow Doccubus ‘shippers, so I got to geek out with them about all things Doccubus. I met a few cool Valkubus fans too, and a Dybo ‘shipper or two, who were all nice and chill. As long as fans aren’t assholes to one another, like whomever you dig and love your ‘ships, but don’t give anyone else crap over whatever they like.

I also met quite a few guys into the show too, and I kept running into Curt (aka Faenonymous), a fan who has done a lot to promote the show since its premiere. He can be glimpsed in the Season 2 pre-finale show. He was a very friendly guy and I chatted with him for a few minutes, not snapping ‘til later about who he was in our small-but-growing fandom.

I could try to give a rundown of the panel, but you can find plenty of videos about it online, and reading about it is just plain boring. Pictures are cooler anyway. I’ve included a Youtube video shot by Faenonymous of the panel below. Here are some of my highlights:

* The crowd giving a shout-out to missing cast member Zoie Palmer (Lauren), who was unable to make it because of previous commitments. Kris (Dyson) called her from his phone and he had her on speaker phone as we all said “Hello” to her, and she spoke for a brief minute or so, thanking the fans.

* K.C. Collins (Hale) made his grand entrance via rolling onto the stage. He’s also a funny guy and I joked with him for a second while getting his autograph afterwards.

* Rachel Skarsten (Tamsin) and Kris traded hilarious stories about each other, and included them acting out their stories as each other. Definitely the class clowns of the show.

* Ksenia Solo (Kenzi) and Anna Silk (Anna) are just as beautiful and amazing and sincere in person as they are on the show. I loved hearing them share their experiences being on the show, and it also shows how much they champion and truly love being a part of it.

* Paul (Vex) and Rick Howland (Trick) also shared some funny stories and interesting insights into their characters and some tidbits about Season 4.

* GEORGE TAKEI!!! Takei made a special appearance to the panel, as he was a special guest in the Season 4 premiere, “In Memoriam.” He got lots of fan love and was surprised by the fan response. He was also very gracious and funny and beyond cool. He is George Takei, after all.

Before the panel, there were ticket drawings for a chance to get an autograph with the full cast. I didn’t get the Golden Fae Ticket, but I did end up getting autographs from Rachel, K.C., Rick, Paul, and Kris ‘cause I’m a lucky bastard. They stayed a few extra minutes to sign a few more autographs after their initial meet-and-greet after the panel, even though they must’ve been tired-as-hell from filming and running around doing press interviews about the third season. It was beyond awesome that they stayed and signed autographs for fans who lingered about the Showcase booth (like me). I’m just missing Anna, Zoie, and Ksenia for the Lost Girl Royal Flush.

Crazy Cool Moment: I got scolded by Rachel (i.e. sarcasm FTW!) for not wearing a Batman shirt with my Joker cap, but I got points back for having an Avengers shirt with Thor, another favorite character. And holy Flying Spaghetti Monster – the woman is gorgeous in person.

Photo Credit: Maribel Martinez

Most Freakin’ Sweet Moment: Meeting then-showrunner/writer Emily Andras. I even got a few pictures with her (you can check one out below; I’m the one in the cap). It was also one of those moments where I wanted to kill my phone, though I got some pretty cool shots with her. The two gals I was hangin’ out with and I talked to her for quite a decent amount of time – like 15-20 minutes – about what we liked about the show, what we love, what mythological creatures we’d like to see appear (thanks for the mermaids!), and much more. She was so laid back and listened to our comments and feedback, and she was beyond sweet. Apologies for the awkward picture – I blame it on waiting for my phone to cooperate and play nice.

Other Random Highlights:

* Speaking to the gal who does a lot of their social media promotion, and hearing her talk about Anna and how she really is the single nicest, decent, caring, and amazing person in the world. In the green room before the panel, Anna sat down next to her and chatted with her for a few minutes, asking how she was doing, etc. There are some celebrities who take their fame to astronomical egomaniac levels (see Kanye West, etc.), and there are those like Anna who are just talented members of our world who genuinely love and like people, regardless of who they are and what their social status is.

* Meeting a talented Canadian graphic designer who game me a print of one of her original pieces, which I got signed by Emily Andras with one of my favorite quotes: “Be like Bo – Fearless.”

* Hanging out at the Showcase booth and meeting fellow Faenatics. Like the Orphan Black fans that I met, I love the people in this fandom too.

* One of the gals from Drinks at the Dal gave me one of the Wanderer cards that were given to fans at SDCC 2012. That really touched me and I tried to hold back tears – that was pretty amazing of her. Faenatics really take care of one another.

I was officially on Cloud Nine. I was up in Canada, at a major convention, I got to meet most of the cast of my current favorite TV show… It was pure bliss for this fangirl, and one of the greatest things that I’ve ever experienced. It was definitely a trip worth taking, and I’m glad I did it. As I’ve said before – if my time ended without seeing the Lost Girl panel and meeting the cast, it wouldn’t have mattered because I still had a hell of a good time meeting so many interesting Canucks and taking in the full convention experience.

But I did have the Lost Girl experience I was hoping to have and beyond, and I was ecstatic. After dealing with a few rough months before the convention, this was a great gift to myself. And you get to see the pictures of that most excellent day below. I didn’t realize how many pictures I took because I thought I was too far away to take decent pictures, but they came out a lot better than I thought. I may have also focused a bit on Anna Silk, but can you blame me? Winking smile

I have one more Fan Expo post, with pictures from the Walking Dead panel and Karl Urban’s Q & A. For those of you at home who have no clue who Karl Urban is, he’s one of our many genre gods. He’s been in such genre fare like Doom, Dredd, The Lord of the Rings, and the newer Star Trek films, as well as TV appearances on Xena and a lead role on his own show, Almost Human, which was cancelled way too soon (screw FOX!). I saw the ugly side of fans freaking out over their fandom, but the incident I involved in was more of a security/staff communication breakdown.