TWD PHOTOS DISCLAIMER: I tried my best to take general shots of the massive crowd of people waiting for the Walking Dead panel to begin. If you are in one of the pictures below and feel uncomfortable with any of the shots, shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll blur your face out.

 Sylent Mari Says: I try to keep my cursing to a minimum in this blog ’cause this blog is geared for all ages to read and partake in mutual nerdiness. Sometimes my language gets a bit saucy and salty, and when I’m around certain friends in Real Life I can make even the dirtiest of people blush. This post features a few “F’ bombs” because things were a bit crazy on Sunday. If strong language doesn’t bother you, go on ahead and continue reading.

This post is a few days late; it could’ve been a few months late, as per my usual M.O. I meant to post this on Monday, a year after I attended the Walking Dead and Karl Urban panels at FEC, but I’m still a tad upset over Lost Girl ending next year after its fifth season. The shock has worn off a little, but I’m still sad to see it go for many reasons. I also had one of my last “meet-and-greet’s” (i.e. performance appraisal) with my supervisor, who is the coolest boss in the world and anyone coming in to take her place has a really high bar to aspire to. Words can’t describe how wonderful, caring & kickass she is, and she’s leaving my team at the end of the week. So what better way to distract myself from sad things than posting my final adventure with lots of pictures?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to really explore or check out any panels besides the two that I did get to sit in on. There’s a reason why, but I’ll get to that here in a minute. Here’s a sampling of the panels held on Sunday:


There were so many huge panels held on Sunday. You had Geek God Nathan Fillion with his own Q & A in the same room that held the Walking Dead panel, Stephen Amell from Arrow in all his super-sexy and amazing glory, Ron Perlman sharing cool stories about working on Hellboy  and being a badass motherfucker on Sons of Anarchy, and MOTHERFUCKIN’ CARRIE FISHER herself to close out the weekend. Alas, I missed out on Ron and Carrie and I wish I had gotten to see them, but hopefully I’ll catch them in the future.

What it looked like before the Walking Dead panel.

How big is the Walking Dead fandom? Huge. Do fans really love the show? Yes. What happens when poor communication and crappy security cause the equivalent of a human “Walker” horde? Oh, just some mass chaos and fan frenzy and people rushing in and pushing aside other fans accidentally. As you can see in the shots below, there were several thousand people waiting for the doors to open for the panel, and people were rushing in from several different entrances to get as close to the panel stage as possible.



Unfortunately for me, I was injured in the frenzied melee. If you were one of the fans who attended FEC and heard the story of a young woman accidentally getting knocked into something, that was me. As we were going in, after security dropped the ball and pretty much told people just to go on in without any organized lines, people started to push me and the woman who so graciously spent her time helping me out towards the video equipment in the back of the room. She kept yelling at people to watch out because I was handicapped and needed room to move, but it was too late. My right ankle hit a video tripod and I almost went down. Man, that hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. Smashing my ankle into something would’ve been a slight annoyance to me and I would’ve gone about my way in the past. Well… Seven months before at the beginning of January (2013), I suffered an injury at my old apartment when I was letting a friend out of the property I lived in. I stepped into one of the irrigation canals running by the entrance gate; it was covered in leaves and it was dark and I couldn’t see where I was stepping. I tore something in my ankle and was walking on a sprained ankle for a few months before a nurse friend figured out what happened to it, and then scolded me for walking on a bad ankle without wearing a brace or – you know – keeping pressure off of it. It was starting to heal and was still a bit tender when I went on my trip, and I re-injured it at FEC. Luckily, it wasn’t a severe sprain, but it still hurt to put pressure on it.

I missed a good portion of the Walking Dead panel because I had to get checked out by the nurse-on-duty, who was a really nice Russian woman who took excellent care of me, but told me I had to stay off my ankle. Cool – not a problem. But… I had a rental car that I had been using to get to Canada and back to the U.S.A. after each day of the Expo, and there was no way I could stay up in Canada for the evening to rest the ankle; I had to travel back home to New Mexico the next day. I got a hold of my aunt (or uncle, can’t remember) in Buffalo and told them what happened. I hung out for a few more hours at the Expo while my aunt & uncle spent some time doing tourist-y things in Toronto, before picking me up and driving me back to Buffalo.

The-Walking-Dead-04-castSo-so Photoshop can’t stop the badassness in this picture – ‘cept for Lori. No one likes Lori.

I was able to attend the last-half of the panel, though I had to sit in the back of the room in a wheelchair (my trusty walker was stored for safekeeping in the nurse’s station until I could retrieve it later). I had some great laughs and enjoyed what time was left listening to Laurie, Norman, Stephen, and Michael recount stories from the set. Coolest moment – seeing Norman and Michael take a few pictures with two young brothers dressed up as Merle and Daryl. As a life-long X-Phile who is still addicted to The X-Files, seeing Laurie Holden in-person was a highlight (Fun Fact: She played “Special Representative to the Secretary General, Marita Covarrubias”). As much as I disliked Andrea towards the end of her run in the series, I have always loved Laurie’s acting; always been a big fan of her’s and I love that she does a lot of genre work and has appeared in some really good projects throughout the years.

Here’s part of the panel that I captured on video, thanks to my trusty phone. I apologize for any shaky-camera sickness you may experience:

“Wait, where are the pictures?!” Why, they’re right below!

If you squint REALLY HARD, you can pretend to make out who is who. Give me some credit for actually being in the same room as Norman Reedus (LOL) – I made many of my female friends extremely jealous ’cause I was breathing the same air as him. These were the same friends who were jealous of me attending the Lost Girl panel and being in the same room as all of those sexy people (sans Zoie, but she’s sexy and was on the phone, so technically that counts). I wish I had gotten to see the whole panel, but there’s always the chance to hopefully see them next year at FEC, and I want photo ops with the cast and I want.

I wandered for a little bit after the Walking Dead panel. More like rollin’ around ’cause I was relegated to a wheelchair for a few hours to let my swollen ankle rest a bit. Cruising through packed hallways filled with thousands upon thousands of fans was an adventure, but most people were courteous and allowed me to roll on through. After killing a bit of time, I decided to check out Karl Urban’s panel. I’ve been a fan of Karl’s for a while, and he’s my sister’s future fantasy husband (no, I’m not embarrassing her – she’s always mentioning it. Love ya, sis!). He’s been a genre favorite for a long time, getting his name out to the masses as “Cupid” and “Julius Caesar” on Xena, starring in his own series (which got cancelled recently – BOO!) called Almost Human on…FOX (of course), and he has appeared in many films including The Lord of the RingsDOOM, the rebooted Star Trek and Star Trek Into DarknessPriest, and many more films.

And he also appeared in the fan favorite below:


Dredd is a movie that got no love from audiences when it originally came out in theaters, but it has gained quite the cult following after its release on Blu-ray and other entertainment mediums. Karl himself has been helping drive a fan campaign to have a sequel made to the first film, itself a rebooted version of Sylvester Stallone’s cheesy original, Judge Dredd. If you still haven’t watched the film, Netflix has been streaming it for months now and I recommend seeing it before they remove it. It’s a fun, violent, serious, kickass flick that has great performances from Olivia Thirlby (I liked her – cut me some slack) and Geek Goddess Lena Headey (300Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesGame of Thrones). In keeping with the original graphic novel source material, Dredd never takes off his helmet throughout the whole film, but you can definitely hear Kar’s signature voice barking orders from underneath that helmet. And his jawline is pretty recognizable.

KarlUrban8What a dreamy, dreamy, dreamy man. My sis was channeling through me.

Karl’s Q & A was very laid-back and lots of fun to listen to. He took lots of fan questions and gave lots of interesting and cool anecdotes from many of the projects he’s worked on. The funniest story he shared was a now-classic prank that his castmembers on Star Trek pulled on him, involving radiation levels in one of the locations they were filming at. He also thanked fans for their massive support of Dredd and asked that we keep pushing and asking for a sequel to the film, which is a project that he enjoyed immensely.

You wanted some more Kiwi droolworthiness?

Well kids, I’ve come to the conclusion of my Adventures at Fan Expo Canada 2013! There’s a few more pictures at the bottom to check out before I leave you all and move on to other posts – expect those in a few months. Kidding! It took me over a year to get all of my posts out, but it was a lot of fun to go back and re-visit everything I had seen and done and share it all with you. Some more stories or recollections might pop-up and I’ll update each post accordingly, but I hoped you enjoyed taking this journey back with me.

I will 100% return to Fan Expo Canada again next year, now that it will be a bittersweet one for those of us who are Lost Girl fans. It was thanks to the show and fellow fans that gave me the encouragement to do something that I never thought I would do in this lifetime;  I thought it’d happened in the next (if I believed in that sort of thing. It could happen). I’m one of the most boring people on Earth, yet I have lived quite the interesting life and have the diverse and eclectic group of friends and family. To actually stop procrastinating and plan a solo trip with the smallest amount of resources is not something I do quite often, or ever. But I’ve always been an adventurer at heart and love traveling and I hate to stay in the same spot for long (I move from apartment-to-apartment like every year). A lot of that adventurous spirit comes from growing up an Air Force brat and eventually becoming used to moving every couple of years.

So, here’s to more excursions to places I’ve always wanted to visit, with a companion or solo again. To hanging out out with thousands of fans as we all celebrate our favorite fandoms. And for being a proud geek who wears her nerdiness proudly on the sleeves of the black t-shirts with pop culture references she has way too many of.