Dear Geeky Travelers –

Do you like to write? Do you like to share your experiences with the world? Are you willing to write a guest post or several and have it seen by at least a few people? If so, I am looking for any fans interested in sharing their experiences at Fan Expo Canada or DragonCon with this tiny little pop culture blog. If you have pictures you would like to share too, that would be beyond awesome.

You will be fully credited for your work and pictures; I’m not the type to steal someone’s work. I had that happen to me a few times throughout the years, and I would never do that to another creative person. Also, I can pay with good intentions, nerdy vibes, and publicity for your hard work. I may be a small single writer-run site, but I try my best to advertise and publicize my fellow fans.

I will try to do some blogging of my own this weekend and try to catch some of the panel action if anyone’s streaming it or have video of it. There will be so much pop culture material pouring out from both conventions, so I’ll try my best to keep track of all the news as it comes out. I’ll also be tweeting a bit more actively than I’m used to. You can follow me @SylentMari as I include my own witty commentary to tweets shared by fans and celebrities.

Shoot me an e-mail at, and you can send me anything in any file format – I’ll find a way to open it. I am a computer tech, after all. :)

EXTRA BONUS POINTS: If you’re seeing any of the cast members from Lost Girl at their panels this weekend, or get the chance to meet them and take pictures, I would love to see them. Share your experience with meeting or seeing the cast. If you need to see an example of a fan of the show freakin’ out about meeting them and seeing them live, see my Fan Expo post about my Lost Girl adventures, LOL.

SUPER EXTRA BONUS POINTS: If you meet Anna Silk and get a picture, I would heart you forever if you shared a picture. I kind of have a crush on her ’cause she’s perfect. And sweet. And super-nice. And hooooooooot.

RUNNING OUT OF BONUS POINTS: If you spot anyone from Orphan Black, holla back at your geeky girl.

P1000346Best photobomb ever by the guy to the left of me. @Fan Expo Canada w/ Emily, Liz, and Patricia.