Sylent Mary Says [12.06.14]: Thank you so much for following me and this site and doing the re-watch countdown with me, or by yourself, or with friends. Today’s episode is the Season Four finale titled “Dark Horse.” If you cry at the loss of beloved characters like me, this episode will hit you IN ALL THE FEELS. Tomorrow evening is the premiere is Season Five, and I am beyond stoked that it’s returning. The first episode is titled “Run Like Hell” and it will air at 9:00 p.m. EST. I will be posting reviews of the new season every Monday here on this blog, or whenever the hell I can get to them. 

Are you a LOST GIRL fan that’s still devastated by the news of the show’s end after this last season, the fifth one, airs? If you are, then please join me in a mutual bear hug as we drown our sorrows in some of the Morrigan’s delicious and high-alcohol-proof Dark Belch, curl up on our couches in our own Clubhouses while wrapping ourselves up in a very nice lab coat, and prepare for the beginning of the end. It’s still hard to accept the news that the show is ending so soon; I was hoping for at least six seasons, with a possible TV movie event or something. I have friends who are as equally bummed out, and I foresee a premiere viewing party at my pad when the show returns on Sunday, December 7th in Canadialand on Showcase (and the beginning of January for Syfy viewers).

There are several fansites doing a re-watch marathon and several social media events being put together by fans to count down the days until the Season Five premiere. One of my favorite podcasts and fansites, Drinks at the Dal, is doing their own countdown re-watch (if I remember reading that correctly on Twitter; it’s been a rough week for me). Since I don’t have any liquor, I’m going to mostly be doing my own re-watch sober. That’s a drastic difference from when I first binge-watched the show 2 1/2 years ago after discovering it via Afterellen recaps, courtesy of Dorothy Snarker (read them if you get a chance – they’re amazing). As I’ve recounted before, I binge-watched the first season and what had then-aired of the second season while downing a couple (more than 12) beers and chowing down on food from my favorite Chinese restaurant over a 3-day weekend, and I was completely hooked. It was hard to stop at any episode because I wanted to see what the hell happened next, and then my brain wouldn’t shut off as I tried to sleep ‘cause I was coming up with my own fan theories about the episodes and storyline.  I really shouldn’t watch TV before bed ‘cause that always happens to me…

If you haven’t checked out my Fan Expo Canada posts a from a few months ago, which featured a post dedicated to my LOST GIRL-inspired day of awesomeness, please check it out if you have a moment. the show means a lot to me for many, many reasons, and that was such a fun trip and journey and I’m definitely going to do it again next year. This is a show that has a cast and crew who have been so beyond grateful to their fans since Day One, and they display that love frequently on their Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. The cast members I met were all very cool and sweet and gracious.

Enough babbling from me – this could easily turn into an essay in a second if I don’t watch myself. The following is a 61-day countdown, so an episode a day starting tomorrow (Tuesday) and ending the night before the Season Five premiere. Episode recaps will be compiled into four episodes; I won’t bombard you with a billion posts, and it’ll help me out too ’cause sometimes my writer’s block likes to kick in at the most random and inopportune of times. And lots of badass screenshots (watermark-free versions coming up…when I get a new cable for my external drive). If you have Netflix, it’ll be really easy to play along because all four seasons of the show can be found there. If you’re a binge-watcher, it should only take a few days to marathon all four seasons.

If you have any comments, memories, or equally witty and amusing observations about the episodes, by all means include them below in the Comments section. Tell me who your favorite characters are, favorite episodes, fan theories, “What the Freak?” moments (*cough* Rainer storyline *cough*), or whatever else is in your Fae-filled mind. If you have a creative spirit and want to share any of your word-filled, artistic creations – I would love to showcase it here.

Do you see the nifty Spotify player below? I’ve included it with a lot of my favorite songs from the series. There are a few tracks missing, including Neverending White Light’sWarning,” a haunting and beautiful song featured in the Season 1 episode “Vexed.”

SPOILER ALERT! I totally dropped the ball on this, but the screenshots obviously have potential spoilers in them. I tried to keep key moments out, but be warned. Also, I am not trying to favor any particular ‘ships with the screenshots either. As I’ve stated before, I am a Doccubus ‘shipper but have love for my Valkubus and Dybo and Benzi fans, as well as any other ‘ships this wonderful show has given us – canon and non-canon (Kale, Levony, CopDoc). Hell, ‘ship all the ‘ships! 

** – Denotes episodes you should really pay attention to ‘cause it’s important to the mythology of the show, a great episode, or the sex scenes rock! 


lg-000041×01 – “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” **
Tuesday, October 7th

lg-000071×02 – “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae”
Wednesday, October 8th

lg-000161×03 – “Oh Kappa, My Kappa”
Thursday, October 9th

lg-000191×04 – “Faetal Attraction” **
Friday, October 10th

lg-000201×05 – “Dead Lucky” **
Saturday, October 11th

lg-000231×06 – “Food for Thought” **
Sunday, October 12th

lg-000251×07 – “ArachnoFaebia”
Monday, October 13th

lg-000261×08 – “Vexed” **
Tuesday, October 14th

lg-000281×09 – “Fae Day”
Wednesday, October 15th

lg-000311×10 – “The Mourning After” **
Thursday, October 16th

lg-000331×11 – “Faetal Justice”
Friday, October 17th

lg-000361×12 – “(Dis)Members Only”
Saturday, October 18th

lg-000371×13 – “Blood Lines” **
Sunday, October 19th


lg-000382×01 – “Something Wicked This Fae Comes”
Monday, October 20th

lg-000412×02 – “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)” **
Tuesday, October 21st

lg-000422×03 – “Scream a Little Dream”
Wednesday, October 22nd

lg-000452×04 – “Mirror, Mirror” **
Thursday, October 23rd

lg-000542×05 – “BrotherFae of the Wolves” **
Friday, October 24th

lg-000552×06 – “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away” **
Saturday, October 25th

lg-000592×07 – “Fae Gone Wild”
Sunday, October 26th

lg-000612×08 – “Death Didn’t Become Him” **
Monday, October 27th

lg-000722×09 – “Original Skin” **
Tuesday, October 28th

lg-000752×10 – “Raging Fae” **
Wednesday, October 29th

lg-000792×11 – “Can’t See the Fae-Rest”
Thursday, October 30th

lg-000812×12 – “Masks”
Friday, October 31st

lg-000872×13 – “Barometz. Trick. Pressure.” **
Saturday, November 1st

lg-000892×14 – “Midnight Lamp”
Sunday, November 2nd

lg-000942×15 – “Table for Fae”
Monday, November 3rd

lg-001012×16 – “School’s Out”
Tuesday, November 4th

lg-001032×17 – “The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire” **
Wednesday, November 5th

lg-001042×18 – “Fae-nted Love”
Thursday, November 6th

lg-001102×19 – “Truth and Consequences”
Friday, November 7th

lg-001142×20 – “Lachlan’s Gambit” **
Saturday, November 8th

lg-001152×21 – “Into the Dark” **
Sunday, November 9th

lg-001182×22 – “Flesh and Blood” **
Monday, November 10th


lg-001223×01 – “Caged Fae” **
Tuesday, November 11th

lg-001233×02 – “SubterrFaenean”
Wednesday, November 12th

lg-001263×03 – “ConFaegion” **
Thursday, November 13th

lg-001303×04 – “Fae-de To Black” **
Friday, November 14th

lg-001313×05 – “Faes Wide Shut” **
Saturday, November 15th

lg-001383×06 – “The Kenzi Scale” **
Sunday, November 16th

lg-001403×07 – “There’s Bo Place Like Home”
Monday, November 17th

lg-001423×08 – “Fae-ge Against The Machine” **
Tuesday, November 18th

lg-001443×09 – “Ceremony”
Wednesday, November 19th

lg-001453×10 – “Delinquents” **
Thursday, November 20th

lg-001503×11 – “Adventures in Fae-bysitting”
Friday, November 21st

lg-001543×12 – “Hail, Hale”
Saturday, November 22nd

lg-001563×13 – “Those Who Wander” **
Sunday, November 23rd


lg-001584×01 – “In Memoriam” **
Monday, November 24th

lg-001594×02 – “Sleeping Beauty School”
Tuesday, November 25th

lg-001614×03 – “Lovers. Apart.”
Wednesday, November 26th

lg-001624×04 – “Turn to Stone” **
Thursday, November 27th

lg-001634×05 – “Let the Dark Times Roll” **
Friday, November 28th

lg-001694×06 – “Of All the Gin Joints”
Saturday, November 29th

lg-001784×07 – “La Fae Epoque” **
Sunday, November 30th

lg-001844×08 – “Groundhog Fae” **
Monday, December 1st

lg-001864×09 – “Destiny’s Child”
Tuesday, December 2nd

lg-001874×10 – “Waves”
Wednesday, December 3rd

lg-001904×11 – “End Of A Line”
Thursday, December 4th

lg-001914×12 – “Origin” **
Friday, December 5th

lg-001954×13 – “Dark Horse” **
Saturday, December 6th