MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT: The following images come from Sunday’s upcoming Once Upon A Time mid-season finale, “Shattered Sight.” Also – if you have a heart condition or small children present, please take heed ‘cause there’s lots of Evil Cleavage in these pictures. Shall we proceed?

Do I ever need a reason to post pictures of Lana Parrilla dressed up in her Evil Queen finest? Nope. Post all the pictures! Here’s a sample from this Sunday’s episode:


Oh, how I wish I was that sword. I know I’m not the only one thinking that. Oh my Cthulu!

Here’s some more pictures from the episode. Regina + sword = she could be stabbing me to death, and I’d still think it was the hottest thing ever. “I will destroy your happiness if it’s the last thing I do!” Yes ma’am! Open-mouthed smile







You’re welcome, Readers. You’re quite welcome. Tune in on Sunday and watch Once Upon A Time and find out why Regina just dropped everything, lost her shit, and dressed in this cleavage-heavy Evil Queen outfit. I’ve quit watching the show for various reasons, but I’ll probably tune in for this fabulousness. ‘Cause…cleavage.

Pictures and original article: Once Upon a Time Photos: Evil Queen Gets Her Licks In vs. the Charmings