I can’t imagine anyone playing Bo as amazingly as Anna Silk has. She’s done such an incredible job.

I’m so late with this, but that’s my usual M.O. Go me! I’m a bit behind on updating in general because I’ve been on a very long and welcome break from my Real Life Job that started on December 13th and ends tonight (three weeks!), and I’ve enjoyed the time spent catching up on sleep, wasting time playing World of Warcraft, hanging out with friends & family, and just being as lazy as humanly possible; a koala would be so jealous of me. I also needed time to re-focus and start writing again. Hooray for fresh new posts!

Lost Girl came back to a hearty “You’ve been hella missed!” from fans when it premiered on its Canadian TV channel home, Showcase, on December 7th. The first two episodes were a two-parter titled “Like Hell, Pts. 1 & 2,” that featured Bo and fae-mily still reeling from the events of the Season Four finale. Some big things happened and it’s up to Bo to try and make everything work, but the poor gal really needs a break from her destiny, from continuously fighting off threats from everyone and anyone, and having sexy times with sexy people that will cuddle her hard – ‘cause she really needs lots of cuddles. And sex, of course.

If you are brand-new fan who’s watching the show for the first time, this handy recap post below will give you the teensiest lil’ idea of what the show is about. For American fans and other fans around the world who are waiting for the show to premiere in their countries (January 2015 for the U.S.), I thought it wise to give a quick recap of the first four seasons of the show, as a refresher for those getting ready to watch Season Five for the first time. For the lucky Canadian fans who have been watching the new episodes this live on their TV screens every Sunday – thank you for sharing this show with those of us who have been waiting (not at all) patiently for the new episodes.

Each season recap covers the main storylines, but don’t feature everything that has happened in each episode. I tried to mention the main plotlines that I thought were the most important, but apologies for anything major that I might have missed. I have longer individual season recaps written, but I won’t share those just yet. I’m waiting until right before the second half of Season Five premieres. Those recaps will feature many more story details, episode descriptions, and tons of screenshots.

Showcase has also given fans some extra special episode treats on their website. They have been featuring special enhanced versions of the Season Five episodes that have aired so far. Each enhanced episode includes some cool behind-the-scenes information and other cool & fun facts about the show and the myths, stories, and legends that the writers pull from to create each episode. I haven’t watched the enhanced episodes yet, but some fans have been sharing screenshots on Twitter and Tumblr. Thank you, amazing fans!

You’ll also notice that I’ve added a bonus section. What lies within? My favorite episodes from the series so far. I’ve chosen them for various reasons: some are hysterical, some are romantic, and some have shattered my heart into a million pieces, but overall they have really cool storylines. While I do have a favorite ‘ship (Doccubus), I’m down with liking the other ‘ships in the fandom too. So if you’re a fan of the other ‘ships, you’ll probably find some of your favorite episodes below as well.

Enough rambling from this writer – please enjoy this recap, and don’t forget to read the obligatory SPOILER ALERT! warning below.

THE EVER IMPORTANT SPOILER WARNING!!! If you’re unfamiliar with the series and want to watch it with a fresh view, please skip this post in its entirety; I’d love to have you return to it after you’ve seen the show. All others please proceed, keep your arms within your compartment, and sit back and relax and enjoy the craziest, weirdest, most frustrating and entertaining ride of your life.

Also, if LGBTQ+ content and open discussions of sexuality and sexuality being shown on-screen in general are not your cups-of-tea, then this show may not be for you because it can very, very queer and sexual at times. The leader character is a bisexual succubus, after all. So same-sex relationships or various topics about sexuality not your thing? This show ain’t for you, though there are many other reasons to watch it.

SEASON ONE – aka welcome to the sexy, dangerous, and fantastic world of the Fae, Bo Dennis!

One of my favorite opening shots from Season 1 – from the eighth episode “Vexed.” Also the first episode shot.

Season One is a favorite of many fans for a variety of reasons. I always find myself stuck between this and Season Two as my favorite seasons. In this season we are introduced to our heroine, Bo Dennis, and we watch as she learns that she is not a mere mortal, but actually part of a group of supernatural/mythological creatures called the Fae. The Fae are broken up into two factions: Light and Dark. Bo first meets her bestie/sidekick/human “sister” Kenzi Malikov after she saves the small-time thief from being assaulted by a creepo who likes to drop some “party favors” into a woman’s drink and his his way with her. Calling Special Victims Unit! Bo chi-sucks him in front of Kenzi, who records the incident on her smart phone (all the kids have one), and freaks out after she sees it after waking up in the infamous “Crack Shack” that she will eventually share with Bo.

Bo is kidnapped by the Light Fae, who are investigating an unfamiliar kill on their turf (creepo guy). Bo is forced to enter into a battle-to-the-death with the reward being a choosing of a faction if she survives. She does and decided to say “Screw you!” to both sides and remains unaligned and happily joining Team Human, in support of Kenzi. Bo, Kenzi, and the rest of their newly-minted “fae-mily” – wolf shifter Dyson, siren Hale, blood mage Trick, and human doctor Lauren – try to solve numerous cases in the Fae world, while Bo tries to find out more about her origins and her birth family.

We do meet one of her family members, her mother Aife (!), who ends up being the Big Bad for the season. Aife is a Dark Fae succubus who is pissed off at the Light Fae for personal reasons, and she almost takes out the Light Fae hierarchy in a suicide attack launched by one of her thralls. Aife does reveal to Bo that she was Light at one point, but the Blood King gave her to the Dark King, who did horrible things to her. She went mad and decided to seek vengeance against the Blood King. Bo doesn’t know (yet) that she also shares a connection to the Blood King. Aife and Bo fight it out over a nasty “family reunion,” and Bo comes out victorious. The same can’t be said for the rest of her fae-mily as they each fight their own battles, with Bo’s kinda-sorta beau Dyson suffering the most after a visit to an old crone that changes his life forever (or until the end of Season Two).

SEASON TWO – aka Team Bo fights off an ancient Fae enemy that wants to destroy all

Trick is horrified by the truths being told by Season Two’s Big Bad, the Garuda. My favorite of the ‘Big Bad’s.’

After the events of the Season One finale, Bo and her friends try to clean-up the aftermath of Aife’s attack on the Light Fae. Bo’s torn up ‘cause her mother’s dead(ish) and Dyson had his love for her stolen thanks to the Norn, the old crone mentioned above. She’s also had a falling out with her other lover, Lauren, but there could be a light at the end of tate tunnel. Or it could be reality about to bitch-slap Bo.

The leader of the Light, the Ash, is in critical condition and is replaced by a meaner and more rules-driven Ash named Lachlan – a Naga (hydra-like snake Fae).  Lachlan is a jerk to Bo and her friends on more than one occasion, and he even imprisons Lauren after an act of defiance on her part. Dyson’s backstory is covered in an episode that features a former friend and a woman that he once loved (who was married to his then-best friend): Ciara. Lauren has her own secret that’s been alluded since Season One when Bo questions her involvement with the Light. Lauren has a girlfriend named Nadia (!) who’s been in a coma for five years (!), or the length of servitude that she’s held with the Light Fae.

While Bo deals with two romantic blows, she does hook up with a Dark Fae named Ryan, a trickster Fae (a Loki). In the midst of her romantic mess, an ancient evil arises to wipe out both the Light and Dark, and humans as well – a fiery bird-like ancient Fae named the Garuda. He feeds on doubt and insecurities and faces off against Trick, who helped vanquish him with the Light and Dark armies fighting at his side centuries ago. The Garuda plans to corrupt Trick by entering his body and undoing all of the blood laws that he’s written as the Blood King, allowing him to feed as he pleases. There is a first failed attack against the Garuda that leaves Ciara murdered by him and Nadia killed as well; he possessed her after she awoke from her coma, and Bo was forced to end her suffering by stabbing her. What a raw deal! Bo is able to defeat the Garuda thanks to a combination of her friends and her blood working together. The big season-ending reveal? Trick is Bo’s maternal grandfather! And she’s named after her grandmother, Isabeau. Aife is also his daughter that he gave up to the Dark.

At the end of the season finale, we see Bo celebrating with her friends, but everyone has all of their own secrets that they are guarding close to their hearts: Lauren wants to flee all things Fae (she mentions this to Bo during a heart-to-heart in “Lachlan’s Gambit”), Dyson has gotten his love back (but hasn’t told Bo yet), Kenzi has a mysterious mark on her arm (after getting Dyson’s love back from the Norn), Hale starts to fall for someone (take a wild guess), and Trick still has more secrets about Bo and her origins and the identity of her father, but he’s not giving up that information. As Bo exits the Dal Riata (their home bar) to look for Kenzi after she steps outside, she glances into a mirror and sees her eyes glowing blue, and the succubus inside is getting a bit more powerful.

SEASON THREE – aka Bo vs. the Dawning vs. the Wanderer vs. Evil Human Foe

It’s Linda Hamilton! One of the coolest people ever. She guest-starred as Acacia, Tamsin’s mentor.

At the end of Season Two, we saw Bo and her fae-mily defeating the Garuda and dealing with their own personal crises. Bo’s Fae powers seemed to be growing and she started to gain more confidence in herself and her abilities. But there was also something darker starting to manifest within Bo, and she would spend a good portion of the season dealing with this sudden change, along with a new enemy to the Fae that comes in at the last-second and a little late to the show (like, literally – they make their first appearance in the eighth episode “Fae-ge Against the Machine”). A good portion of the season is built up to Bo’s ‘Dawning,’ an important and potentially dangerous right-of-passage that all Fae must complete before moving on in their evolution. If Bo doesn’t pass her Dawning, she will devolve into an icky UnderFae. Eww… With all the build-up for this ominous Dawning, the actual event is really quite tame, and it becomes more about another character than Bo herself; it’s her party, but she’s not really invited.

We are also introduced to a new character who will become a member of Team Bo at the end of the season: a Dark Fae valkyrie named Tamsin. Her origin and her reasons for being around the group are a mystery at first, but some of it is revealed in this season. Tamsin’s mentor Acacia also appears in a Tamsin-centric episode, “Delinquents.” Tamsin’s original purpose was to capture Bo for a bounty that she was hired for by a dark and frightening Fae named the Wanderer, who might or might not be Bo’s father. Tamsin does have her hand forced a few times and she tries to carry out the bounty, but in the end she sides with Bo, even though the Wanderer scares the crap out of her.

Between the Wanderer and the Dawning, you’d think that Bo has more than enough to handle without going nuclear, but HA! Relationship drama, the Dawning, the Wanderer, a new Team Bo member…what else can Bo add to her daily planner? Oh – how about a human scientist that wants to turn Fae and kills random Fae for evil experiments? Lauren joins him (after having enough of the Light and Dark Fae’s crap) in the short term before realizing what his Evil Scientist plans really are and helps Bo & company stop him. After dealing with everything, Bo disappears in a mysterious black cloud of evil smoke while Lauren is mysteriously absent, Kenzi (and all humans, including Lauren) are enemies of the Fae State, Hale steps down as the Ash (he was becoming quite the Ash-hole), Trick escapes and still has secrets he refuses to reveal, and Dyson and Tamsin take a plunge over a hill and might or might not be dead (Spoiler Alert! Of course they’re not dead).

SEASON FOUR aka the season that still leaves me & most fans confused by its storyline

Gratuitous “Anna Silk’s washing a car and this is a very important scene, for science” shot. Thank you, TV Gods!

The introduction of the Wanderer storyline was an interesting addition into Bo’s overall journey of fulfilling her true destiny as the one who will unite the Fae & humans and finding out who her birth father is, but the actual reveal and execution of the storyline fell very flat and garnered A LOT of strong reactions from the fandom. The last few episodes of the season also saw us lose two beloved characters (one of them returns in Season Five), yet another evil human who becomes a Big Bad, and confusion about WHO the Wanderer is. This is the most basic of descriptions for this season ‘cause there were so many storylines running at the same time:

At the beginning of the season, we see Bo’s fae-mily seemingly moving on with their lives after the chaotic events of the Season Three finale, with no recollection or memory of Bo. Ah WHAT?!?!?! A powerful “amnesia” spell has them all blocking any memories of Bo, and it had to take someone or something powerful to do that. Could it be the Wanderer? After the spell has been removed, Team Bo uses all of their resources to find their missing succubus. They rescue Bo and try to uncover the mystery behind her disappearance: why was she taken, who was behind it, and when in the hell did she join the Dark Fae? All signs point towards the Wanderer, who turns out to not be Bo’s father…after all? Still kinda confused by this.

So who’s the Wanderer? A Dark Fae named Rainer. He was a warrior who tried to start an uprising against the tyrannical and ego-driven blood King (Trick) centuries ago. In return for his insubordination, Trick refuses to let Tamsin take his soul to Valhalla, where fallen warriors reside. Rainer is also revealed to be part of Bo’s destiny, and she has finally found the man she’s supposed to be with, much to Dyson and Lauren’s chagrin (probably Tamsin too). Rainer also has a connection to Bo’s dad: he’s a pawn used by Bo’s father to bring Bo to him and open the gates of Hel (big mythological hint as to her father’s identity). Tricked into joining together in (unholy) matrimony, Bo and Rainer unwittingly open a portal that will allow Bo’s father to enter our world. The only way to close the portal is Bo’s heart, but there’s no removal of organs involved – it’s someone closest to Bo. Once said person sacrifices themselves and walks into the portal, one of the main missions for Season Five is revealed, and that’s to bring this person back from the dead. Does Team Bo succeed? We’ll find out when Season Five begins.




* 1×01 – “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” – written by Michelle Lovretta (series creator)

* 1×03 – “Oh Kappa, My Kappa” – written by Michelle Lovretta

* 1×05 – “Dead Lucky” – written by Emily Andras

* 1×06 – “Food for Thought” – written by Pamela Pinch

* 1×08 – “Vexed” – written by Michelle Lovretta

* 1×10 – “The Mourning After” – written by Michelle Lovretta

* 1×13 – “Bloodlines” – written by Michelle Lovretta

Honorable Mentions:

* 1×04 – “Faetal Attraction” – written by Jeremy Boxen

* 1×11 – “Faetal Justice” – written by Peter Mohan

This playlist is missing a few song, but here’s many of the tracks played during the first season. Also check out the song “The Warning” by Neverending White Lights, from the episode “Vexed.” Great song and one of my new favorites.



* 2×01 – “Something Wicked This Way Comes” – written by Michelle Lovretta

* 2×02 – “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won)” – written by Michelle Lovretta

* 2×04 – “Mirror, Mirror” – written by Emily Andras

* 2×05 – “BrotherFae of the Wolves” – written by Alexandra Zarowny

* 2×06 – “It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away” – written by Steve Cochrane

* 2×08 – “Death Didn’t Become Him” – written by Steve Cochrane

* 2×09 – “Original Skin” – written by Emily Andras

* 2×10 – “Raging Fae” – written by Jeremy Boxen

* 2×13 – “Barometz. Trick. Pressure.” – written by Steve Cochrane

* 2×17 – “The Girl Who Fae’d With Fire” – written by Emily Andras

* 2×20 – “Lachlan’s Gambit” – written by Steve Cochrane

* 2×21 – “Into the Dark” – written by Emily Andras

* 2×22 – Flesh and Blood” – written by Alan McCullough

Honorable Mentions:

* 2×03 – “Scream a Little Dream” – written by Jeremy Boxen

* 2×12 – “Masks” – written by Grant Rosenberg

Here’s the Season Two playlist. Also check out “We Are Everything” by Brandon Chandler from the episode “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won).”



* 3×01 – “Caged Fae” – written by Emily Andras

* 3×02 – “SubterrFaenean” – written by Stephen Cochrane

* 3×03 – “ConFaegion” – written by James Thorpe

* 3×04 – “Fae-de to Black” – written by Alexandra Zarowny

* 3×05 – “Faes Wide Shut” – written by Jeremy Boxen

* 3×06 – “The Kenzi Scale” – written by Sandra Chwialkowska

* 3×08 – “Fae-ge Against The Machine” – written by Alexandra Zarowny

* 3×10 – “Delinquents” – written by Michelle Lovretta

* 3×13 – “Those Who Wander” – written by Emily Andras

Honorable Mention: 3×11 – “Adventures in Fae-bysitting” – written by Sandra Chwialkowska

Jam out to tunes from Season Three. Also check out “Gravity” by Akua from the episode “Hail, Hale.”



* 4×01 – “In Memoriam” – written by Emily Andras

* 4×04 – “Turn to Stone” – written by Michael Grassi

* 4×05 – “Let the Dark Times Roll” – written by Jeremy Boxen

* 4×07 – “La Fae Époque” – written by Michael Grassi

* 4×08 – “Groundhog Fae” – written by Emily Andras & Sam Ruano

* 4×10 – “Waves” – written by Michael Grassi

* 4×13 – “Dark Horse” – written by Emily Andras

Honorable Mention: 4×02 – “Sleeping Beauty School” – written by Alexandra Zarowny

Songs from Season Four. Lots of great songs featured this season.