Copyright: Tulica Singh
A behind-the-scenes photo of the webseries Croissant Man – a very quirky and surreal series.

I love discovering new content. By “content” I mean emerging artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, and anyone else who puts their creative souls and ideas out on any medium for the world to experience and enjoy. I like to support people who aren’t part of the already-established Hollywood corporate model of spewing out the same rehashed content every few months. I like those with indie spirits who have accomplished a dream, no matter how big or small it is. Those are the people that I admire, follow, and gain inspiration from in my future creative pursuits.

Streaming content online is one of the most important and newer ways that creators have been delivering their finished works to the viewing public. Paid-services like Netflix, HuluPlus, and Amazon Prime are changing the old Hollywood model of entertainment releases by challenging the major studios to think “outside the box” and look for individuals who can create/deliver unique and original projects that will bring in viewers. Netflix has obviously found huge success with its original series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and Amazon Prime with Transparent. All three are shows that may not have found a home on cable channels (basic or paid), but they are able to exercise a greater form of creative freedom that might’ve been limited if they were picked up by a traditional studio.

Besides those paid streaming services, creators are also adding content to sites like Youtube and Vimeo, allowing both free and paid content to fans and viewers and still maintaining a high quality for their projects. Along with those streaming services, creators also have various forms of funding that they are utilizing, including the crowd-funding model for completing their artistic visions through the generous donations of fans and supporters who want to see them continue to deliver new content. I’m a fan of crowd-funding and have supported several projects, from indie films to album releases from some of the my favorite musical artists and groups. With this connection between creators and their audience, there’s no need to worry about a Hollywood executive getting in the way and nixing any ideas or projects that they don’t like, don’t think are financially viable (able to make them a gajillion billion dollars), or not funding original artistic visions and spending that money on the umpteenth reboot, remake, or unnecessary sequel to great movies and television shows. Unless you’re a limited-run series like the upcoming Twin Peaks, Evil Dead, or rumored X-Files series with the original cast members – then I’m totally down for those.

With this focus on featuring indie projects and the creators behind them, I wanted to give them a spotlight and a chance to highlight their work on this site, as well as letting all of you check it out. The first featured project will be a quirky and surreal web series called Croissant Man, focusing on our titular hero, Croissant Man, as he goes through an existential crisis and finds himself in some precarious and sometimes dangerous situations. The first episode will be posted here tonight, and subsequent episodes will be posted every Monday and Friday for the next five weeks. Tonight’s the first episode, followed by Episode Two on Friday. I also did a short interview with the series creator, Tulica Singh, and that interview will be posted later this week.

If you have a project of any sort that you would like to have featured on here, please feel free to hit me up at I love discovering new content and would love to check out any new and original creative projects.