Welcome to Episode Two of Croissant Man. This surreal and quirky web series takes a look at a croissant, our aforementioned protagonist, having an existential crisis. If you haven’t seen the first episode, I highly recommend watching it first, or viewing it in general because it is quite enjoyable and it introduces our main storyteller, Croissant Man.

In the premiere episode we met Croissant Man, who is having a bit of an existential dilemma. A visit to a therapist only results in a snarky prescription to “Stop being weird…haha haha haha,” Croissant spends his time painting the hours away (with some really cool finished pieces), watching his favorite soap opera, and repeatedly telling himself, “I am a regular croissant – I have no feelings.” A surprise visit from a friend later leads into a night of debauchery and crazy antics, with no recollection of the evening’s events the next day.

What happened after that wild night out-on-the-town? Tune into to Episode Two above and see the aftermath of the evening’s festivities. Kinda reminds me of my mid-20’s – if I were a baked good.


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Tulica and Croissant Man hangin’ out. Courtesy of Tulica Singh.

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