Back for more, are we? Here’s even more films to check out this year that appeal to all of the geeks out there and their non-geeky friends. The great thing about cinema is that anyone can enjoy a film and take from it whatever speaks to them. Some people want a film filled with rich character studies, a well-written plot, and an even balance of emotional moments and action. Others just want to see lots of crap being blown up, relieve a nostalgic moment, or have the crap scared out of them. There is no right way to watch or enjoy a film, though it’s more fun if you have good friends who provide food and color commentary during at-home viewings.

The following list of trailers and teasers below feature quite a few of the genre-heavy films coming out this summer and later this year. This is definitely not a full list of all the genre-heavy efforts coming out this year, but this is a start for fans of the Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, and Superhero genres. Part Two of this guide features even more genre efforts, including a few flicks that fall under the Action genre. I love explosions, gunfights, and kickass heroes saving the day – I just wish more of these films featured more diversity in their starring roles. That’s another discussion that I’m too sober to go over at this moment. But please enjoy these trailers and teasers!

* All release dates are for the United States unless otherwise noted. ‘Cause you wonderful international readers get all of these films a week or two before us. You lucky, lucky filmgoers…


RELEASE DATE: Friday, May 22nd

Based on the Disney attraction, this looks like a really fascinating film from the creative genius that is Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol).

San Andreas 3D


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson + epic disaster film = I’ll be first in line at the cinema.

Magic Mike XXL


This sequel to the male-strippin’ sensation counts as a Fantasy film – just ask any of my friends. Personally, thought the first film was “Meh.”

Mr. Holmes


Sir Ian McKellan plays an aging Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a decades-old mystery in this  film that I will definitely be checking out.



One of the unnecessary remakes/reboots on this list. ‘Cause people were clamoring for a reboot of this horror classic. /sarcasm



The adult that I am strongly dislikes Adam Sandler and his craptastic flicks. The kid in me is super-excited to see Pac-Man and Donkey Kong in this film. Also – hello Toronto!



I’m on-the-fence about this film. I am a fan of Tarsem Singh’s first film, The Cell, and I’m willing to give this one a shot to see his unique visual style.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation


Tom Cruise returns with some familiar faces in yet another mission that involves lots of insane stunts and ass-kicking. If it’s as good as Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, I’m watching it.

Hitman: Agent 47

RELEASE DATE: August 28th

Another unnecessary reboot to a so-so film, based off of a very popular video game series. Maybe this time it’ll be a pretty cool flick.

The Transporter Refueled

RELEASE DATE: September 4th

A sequel/reboot that once again didn’t need to be made. I love the trilogy of Jason Statham-led films as the badass action flicks that they are.


RELEASE DATE: October 9th

Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard and Garrett Hedlund as a hot young Captain Hook. Wish Garrett had been cast on Once Upon A Time as Hook – kinda dig his take in this film. I’m giving it a shot.

Crimson Peak

RELEASE DATE: October 16th

Guillermo del Toro once again returns to his horror roots with this visually-striking and haunting film. Love the cast. One of my top picks of the year.


RELEASE DATE: November 6th

James Bond is back again for even more action and suspense in this follow-up to Skyfall, a movie that I dug quite a bit.