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Random Geekiness From Around The Web – 08/11/15

It’s an early Tuesday morning here in Albuquerque and it’s too early for me to sleep. I can’t drive anywhere to get rid of this stupid restlessness ‘cause my car ain’t runnin’ at the moment – again. So what’s a geeky blogger to do? Why, jump on her laptop and whip up this post for your literary entertainment!

These are just some of the latest news items on many of the things that I love: television shows, films, and gaming. Another edition of Random Geekiness will be released later today with additional news, ‘cause I didn’t want to make this post too long. ‘Cause it already is; that’s my M.O.

Enjoy the following stories below about some of my favorite things, with pictures and videos and witty commentary from moi. Bon appetit!

Lost Girl’s Final 8 Episodes of Series Countdown –
Premiering on Sunday, September 6th


U.S. Lost Girl Fans: This is about the Canadian return of the show. SyFy won’t be airing these final episodes until January 2016. You read that right. So try to avoid spoilers for the next five months – no pressure.

Showcase recently released a new 30-second promo for the last half of Season Five of Lost Girl, or otherwise known as the last eight episodes of the series. Yeah – that hasn’t really hit me just yet. It’s been a fun ride and I’m still hoping for at least a TV movie to tie up any loose ends, unless a “no turning back” ending was created for the series finale. In the meantime – I can at least binge-watch the show before it ends. Is it September yet?

I published my last Lost Girl viewing guide last Monday (August 3rd). If you’ve been following along, and wow – was it bittersweet. Looking back at all of the episode titles, finding appropriate screenshots, trying to forget that it’ll all be over soon… There’s 69 (heh heh) episodes to watch and there’ll be 77 by the time the series is over. *sighs heavily*

Other Lost Girl-related posts coming up after I’ve finished writing the many other posts I have lined for other geeky interest:

  • A Favorite Episodes post featuring the episodes that have made me laugh, cry, curse, broke my heart, made me fall in love, and deal with too many emotions all at once. That’s gonna be a fun one to write.
  • A final “all the feels…” post about Lost Girl and why I dug the show so damn much and had to introduce it to my friends. Pretty much a “Why I fangirl so hard over this show” post. I did travel out of the country for it, after all.
  • A highlight post on a Repeatables episode (a new “featured series” launching this week). There’s a few really fun and dramatic episodes that are definitely worth watching again. Which episode will I choose? Good question – haven’t decided on one yet.

    New Star Wars: The Force Awakens International TV Spot – Now With More Slightly New Footage!

The more new footage that I see of SW: TFA, the more my level of confidence is slowly raised in the project. This new international (Korean?) TV spot features more of the new villains who are front-and-center in the film: the First Order (the newly-created ‘Empire’), Captain Phasma, and Sith Lord Kylo Ren. As a fan of the Sith, I approve. The film opens up on December 18th – just in time for the holiday season.

New Promos/Teaser Photo/Small-ish Spoilers for
New Limited-Run X-Files Series Released


So…is it January 24, 2016 yet? We still have a long wait before the newest limited-run tenth season airs in 2016, but I’m beyond excited. Mulder, Scully, Skinner, the Lone Gunmen, the Cigarette Smoking Man, the newly-announced Scully’s Mom… All are returning for the revival along with several new faces: Joel McHale, Robbie Amell, Lauren Ambrose, and many other guest stars.

“Wait!” you say. “The Lone Gunmen and CSM are gonna be in this? That’s weird… I thought they-”

[SPOILERS FOR SEASON 9] Died in the show? As we all know, anything is possible on The X-Files. In the episode “Jump the Shark,” the LGM seemingly sacrificed themselves for the greater good to prevent many civilian deaths. At the end of the episode we see three caskets being lowered into the ground, with Skinner & Scully saying goodbye to our favorite conspiracy theorists. Fans are theorizing that the LGM faked their own deaths and are in hiding – which is totally something they would do.

CSM’s return is a bit harder to explain. At the end of the 2-hour finale “The Truth,” he was found hiding in the middle of the desert in a cliff dwelling, and he was killed by a rocket attack. We even saw a close-up of the flames engulfing his body. Stranger things have been explained on this show… [END SPOILERS]

Now, if you’re an MSR – Mulder/Scully relationshipper – you may want to find a comfortable spot to sit on as you read the following. Also refrain from throwing objects at your tech device:

Picture Credit: SpoilerTV
Picture Credit: SpoilerTV

The first official promotional picture from the first new episode, “My Struggle,” came out last week and features Scully & Mulder. Hooray! But also released on the same day was news that THEY ARE NOT TOGETHER. Umm…what? Lies! If you’re indifferent about them being together, this doesn’t phase you, but you’re an MSR it stings a bit. So when does it return?

Person Of Interest SDCC 2015 Sizzle Reel +
Slight Spoilers for Season Five

If you’re not watching Person Of Interest, it’s not too late to get into the show! With the fifth season not airing ‘til January (BOOO!!!), you can binge-watch the first three seasons of the show as it hits Netflix and TV channel WGN next month. And buy Season Four ‘cause it’s a keeper and filled with some of the show’s most intense episodes yet. As someone who got into the show almost halfway into the fourth season (“Honor Among Thieves”) and became a big fan earlier this year (“If-Then-Else”), please don’t take as long as me in watching & getting into it.

The amazingly-edited and badass sizzle reel above was conceived by a mega-talented Chinese fan of POI named Ashley Zhang and was shown right before the POI panel at SDCC this year (seriously cool!). More epic than most movie trailers, it’s an excellent summary about the high-concept series and the characters that make it a must-watch. At the end of the sizzle reel is a new scene created by the team behind POI and features an eerie voiceover by former Big Bad assassin-for-hire & hacker-turned-Team Machine player Root, portrayed by Amy Acker (aka one of the most underrated actresses today), foreshadowing a very bleak Season Five. If you’re looking for lighthearted fare, POI is not the show for you.

On the positive, the badass Sarah Shahi is returning to the series for the shortened Season Five. Shaw’s back, mofos!!! Shahi left the show temporarily (was pregnant & has given birth to twins since) and fans have been wondering if she would return to the series. Just as I’m writing this paragraph an article just popped up about Shahi’s return to the series as Shaw for 8-9 episodes – we almost get full-season Shaw action! Can’t wait to see her reunion with Team Machine. Read’s Sarah’s interview from TVLine. Why can’t this show return sooner? :/

Shoot Fandom Musing: Shoot fans, are we kinda scared to death/dealing with feels/uber-excited thinking about Root’s reaction when she first sees Shaw again after her months in captivity? I certainly am all three about my OTP.

First Teaser For HBO’s Westworld Reboot;
Internet Appropriately Freaks Out

Jonathan Nolan loves to explore the darkness that lies within all of us as well as the dangers of technology like advanced heroic and villainous A.I.’s (Person Of Interest) and androids running amok. Nolan’s bringing his high-concept sci-fi vision to another series with HBO’s TV reboot of the classic 1970’s science-fiction western film Westworld, based on a novel by the late author Michael Crichton. The show premieres next year and I will definitely be checking out every episode.

This reboot series looks amazing from the 30 seconds of footage scene in the teaser, and it has one hell of a cast involved (from Dark Horizons):

Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Barnes, Jimmi Simpson, Clifton Collins, Jr., Shannon Woodward, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Simon Quarterman and Angela Sarafyan

Continuum’s Fourth & Final Season Premieres Friday, September 4th

Another show that is ending before it really got a chance to expand on its massive story-verse. One of the most underrated science-fiction shows, Continuum will be airing the first of six final episodes on Friday, September 4th and closely followed by a SyFy premiere on Friday, September 11th. Showcase sucks – airing the final episodes of two of my favorites in the same weekend for 6-8 weeks until their series finales. If you’ve never seen an episode of the “ahead of its time” time-traveling crime series, please queue it up immediately in Netflix. The first three seasons  of Continuum are currently available and waiting for you to binge-watch them.

Fear Factory Releases New Record: Genexus;
Afraid of the Future Yet?

My favorite metal band has come back with a new record that wipes out the memories of previous weak efforts like Digimortal, Transgression, and The Industrialist. Yes, Fear Factory is back with yet another album warning about Man vs. Machine, but this time the concept is taken further with Genexus, which explores Man becoming Machine or vice versa. I think one of the running themes in this post is that technology really frightens me.

The band’s newest record label, Nuclear Blast Records, released a full-stream of Genexus on YouTube, which you can headbang to above. At first listen I wasn’t too sure of the album, but after repeated listening’s it’s a pretty damn good record. It’s like a mix of Obsolete and Mechanize with several standout tracks, including: the title track, “Autonomous Combat System,” Dielectric,” “Church of Execution,” and “Battle for Utopia.” The record is definitely worth a buy. A full review of the album will be coming out this week.

My favorite tracks appear on the digipak version of the record, which boasts 12 songs (two bonus tracks) to the original’s 10. “Mandatory Suicide” is a slice of dark industrial heaven and is more electronics-heavy than most of FF’s output. My absolute favorite track, “Enhanced Reality,” is a hauntingly mellow ambient industro-electro track that is a terrific album closer.

New World of Warcraft Expansion Announced;
Fans Immediately Show Enthusiasm in Trade Chat


Dear World of Warcraft Players:

No, you’re not seeing a picture from the first WoW expansion, The Burning Crusade. Nope – you’re seeing ILLIDAN STORMRAGE in all his healthy, living. Ah wut?!?!?! The demon hunter is alive and well again, thanks to being freed from his green-glass prison by the uber-villainous Gul’dan, who makes another major appearance in the upcoming WoW expansion Legion. I’m guessing after Blizzard saw the “UGH!” response from players when Warlords of Draenor was released, they decided to announce the years-in-progress Legion within the year. It’s a great strategy – trying to win back subscribers and old-school players with the allure of the popular and fan-favorite expansion The Burning Crusade and showcasing a newer version of it in Legion.

The official WoW: Legion website has tons more info that you can read to your heart’s content, but the most exciting new feature for me is the inclusion of a new hero class: Demon Hunters! The last hero class that was released, Death Knights in Wrath of the Lich King, was pretty friggin’ sweet but even they bow down to the dark fel magic of the Demon Hunters, Illidan’s allies who do his bidding and are also seen as a threat to our Azerothian heroes. I really need to hurry and buy a new computer soon that can handle this expansion.

New Promo/Picture Released for Season 5B of SyFy’s Haven

HAVEN -- "New World Order" Episode 514 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Haven 5 Productions/Syfy)
HAVEN — “New World Order” Episode 514 — Pictured: (l-r) — (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Haven 5 Productions/Syfy)

Why do I get attached to so many great shows that are ending at the same time or having their seasons shortened? Lost Girl, Continuum, Person Of Interest, and Haven – why shows, why?! SyFy is airing Season 5B of Haven in October with the remaining thirteen episodes of the season. So, how many episodes did Season 5A have? Thirteen. It’s weird to split up a season and give it twenty-six episodes, unless they were deciding to do a mega-season ‘cause they’re ending the show. Though word hasn’t officially come out about the show’s fate, there’s been some warning signs that the end is nigh.

And that sucks ‘cause I fell in love with this show and I just got my family into it (one of the few rare times I’ve gotten them into a show!). This was a show that I avoided a long time like Person Of Interest ‘cause I wasn’t too sure about it, and now I’m kicking myself for not diving into this really strange world sooner. If you’re needing another show to add to your Netflix queue, give Haven a shot. It’s a pretty fun show and it’s based off of Stephen King’s short story “The Colorado Kid,” and I promise you that it’s WAY BETTER than CBS’ King adaptation Under the Dome.

New Deadpool Trailer Makes Fans Touch Themselves


Here’s the first official trailer for Deadpool. It’s Red-Band, as it should be ‘cause it’s Deadpool. Stop reading this paragraph about Deadpool. Go see this motherf’in’ trailer featuring Deadpool. Deadpool would approve.

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