Ah, Fall is upon us finally… and yet a lot of the U.S. is still melting away with warmer-than-usual temps. Hooray! While we wait to get our fireplaces and bonfires started up and blankets ready for our TV binge-watching sessions, let’s travel back to the past several weeks and take a look at some of the cool geeky things you might have missed.

Before I begin this newest edition of Random Geekiness from Around the Web, I would like to first give a shout-out to our newest writer to the site: Cassandra, aka Ms Buffy Buff. She’ll be contributing articles to Geeky Voyage and I’m totally stoked. Please check out her intro post and leave a “Hello!” for her in the comments section. :)

I’m now featuring cool geeky stuff from around the web because this isn’t just about news items; it encompasses many things that are awesomely geeky to anyone. If any of you have a cool geeky thing to share, pass it along to us.

One quick warning and an actual first for this site: the first tidbit features a slightly-NSFW video. It is Lost Girl – after all – and the scene in question is quite hot…but you should probably watch it at home. On repeat. If you’re a Doccubus fan. Just being honest here.

Another Random Geekiness… post will be added tonight. I didn’t want to make this first one a super-long read-through. I promise to have more news items and geeky stuff to check out. In the meantime, have fun with this post.

There Are Five Episodes Left of Lost Girl…
(Season 5B Spoilers Ahead)

Heads-up: There’s a slightly-NSFW video featuring Bo & Lauren below. If Doccubus ain’t your thing, please feel free to skip ahead,  but if you wanna see two hot chicks in a very hot scene together, go right on ahead and view it.  

…which means that you’ll be seeing some Lost Girl posts in the next week or two. I think I’ve finally come to the realization that the show is really ending and I’m OK with that. It’s had its ups-and-downs, but was still great escapist fare for me. It’s also aired some of my favorite episodes ever from any TV show, and that’s always a plus for me.

If you’re not caught up with Season Five, here’s fair warning that I’m going to be hitting spoilers right…about…NOW:

Tonight’s episode is called “Judgment Fae,” and it introduces another one of Bo’s family members from her father’s side: her cousin Hephaestus, son of Zeus and Hera (it’s been a while since I last brushed up on my Greek mythology). He’s definitely got the model-esque Greek god features:

Photo Credit: SpoilerTV

I think it’s a cool twist that Bo’s both a succubus and the daughter of a Greek god. That’s pretty damn epic – and certainly complicated and mostly chaotic. But Daddy Hades is an asshole and has lots of dark things planned for his daughter and the world. In the previous episode, “Sweet Valkyrie High,” Tamsin learned from the new leader of the Valkyrie and Valhalla (and old mentor), Acacia, that Hades purposely chose to be exiled to Tartarus so that he could build his own dark army to conquer the world and just rain destruction down on anyone in his path. Linda Hamilton’s running Valhalla, you guys!

While we don’t have the title yet for the series finale, here’s the titles for the next three episodes:

  • 5×13 – “Family Portrait”
  • 5×14 – “Follow the Yellow Trick Road”
  • 5×15 – “Let Them Burn”

Damn You, Once Upon A Time! I Can’t Quit You!
(Though I Did, But Kinda Want To Watch Again)

I don’t think I’ve ever loved – then greatly disliked – a show as much as I do with Once Upon A Time. What was once one of my favorite TV series has quickly plummeted into a confusing quagmire of storylines and huge plotholes, characters that are boring and flat, retconning galore, and forced romances that feel out-of-place. It was such a great show when it first started, and now I barely even glance at it when it’s airing. Shows change, but talk about mucking up a very promising show at one point (here’s looking at you, Heroes).

But the damn showrunners have found three ways to bring me back, and I’m mad at them for giving me some slight sign of hope that the show could turn around and recapture its past glory days. Remember how incredible Season One was and the storyline that pitted the reluctant savior of Storybrooke, Emma Swan, against the deliciously evil mayor (and Evil Queen), Regina Mills? There was also the dastardly Mr Gold (aka Rumpelstiltskin), Snow White & Prince Charming were pretty good, and there were a great cast of supporting characters that each had an origin episode that focused on them, while moving along the main storyline. Yeah – those episodes were awesome. Since then Emma & Regina have teamed up to save Storybrooke from one disaster after another. *cough* Yeah I ship Swan Queen *cough* The quality of the show has since plummeted from the halfway point in Season Two to a barely-there shadow of its former glory, and that sucks.

Mulan - Credit: OUAT Wiki

Red Riding Hood - Credit: OUAT Wiki

Most of that has to do with the introduction of many great recurring characters that quickly found themselves “disappeared” to shoehorn another (now main) character into the show. Two of those characters that were pushed aside were Mulan (last seen joining Robin Hood’s Merry Men) and Ruby/Red Riding Hood (who…is still in the Enchanted Forest? The show never explained her absence). Guess what? They’re coming back and I’m excited. Damnit, showrunners!

Ruby will be returning to a larger storyline that actually involves her hopefully not having to babysit Henry (again) and baby Neal as her bestie Snow White and the rest of the Storybrooke crew go on their latest epic quest. Worst. Friends. Ever. Mulan’s also making a return for a few episodes as well. I know my mom’s secretly cursing the return of both characters ’cause they’re two of her favorites and she quit watching the show a while back (she got me into OUAT).

And the biggest reveal of them all: a same-sex relationship will be introduced into Season 5. Could it be Sleeping Warrior (Aurora/Mulan), with the news of Mulan’s return? Or another coupling? Knowing OUAT, the relationship is probably doomed before it began or its gonna be some convoluted mess.

If you want to read about Ruby & Mulan’s returns and the introduction of a same-sex relationship in Season Five, TVLine posted the following articles:

Once Upon A Time: Sneak Peek Featuring A New Character vs.
the “New” Dark One – S5 Premiere

Photo Credit: SpoilerTVClick on that terrible poster above to check out video.

I’ll leave my OUAT griping for another day. For my fellow fans out there, here’s one of the sneak peeks that’s been released for this Sunday’s Season Five premiere, titled “The Dark Swan.” OK – I admit that I’m a little curious in seeing Emma Swan being the Dark One, but I ain’t watching the show live. That sounds terrible, doesn’t? “No ratings for you from me, thank you very much!”

Uhh…moving swiftly along… In this first promo clip we’re introduced to one of the new characters making an appearance in the series. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this character stays around for a while ’cause she’s one of my new favorite Disney heroines: Merida from Brave. According to some of my friends, Brave is the animated version of me and my life. Well, at least I’ve got the long curls and the “independent woman” attitude down, and I can also shoot a bow. And she digs green – my favorite color. We’re totally twins.

In the footage above, we see the newly-minted Dark One in scrubby Enchanted Forest garb chasing after some blue fairy spirit thing.* She’s foiled in her plans to capture the creature when Merida appears and snags it and puts it into her bag. There’s a funny moment where Merida is down for a fistfight with Emma, and Emma’s all, “Dude, I just want that thing you have ’cause it’s totally important to me.” And Merida’s all, “I know, so I’m gonna punch you in the face for it.” A really dramatic showdown.

OUAT airs on ABC on Sunday nights at 8:00/7:00 PM EST/CST. Those of us living in the Western and Mountain time-zones get it an hour later.

* Side Note: The heck happened to Nova? Does the Blue Fairy kill off her proteges? Haven’t seen Tinkerbell around either. Oh, wait – they’re both on better shows now (Amy Acker, aka “Nova” – Person Of Interest & Rose McIver, aka “Tinkerbell” – iZombie). 

Source: SpoilerTV

BBC One Releases Awesome Promo Video for
New & Returning Series

Luther. I see Luther. There’s more Luther coming up. Luther. I love Luther. Luther’s one of the few shows that I’ve gotten my family into; usually they get me into shows. Idris Elba is a badass mofo. Luther is too. Luther.

Please excuse my excitement for the Luther mini-series event that will be arriving in the next few months, courtesy of BBC One. Along with Luther, the promo video above also shows some new footage of popular fan-favorite shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and EastEnders (not really geeky, but there are fans out there). Oh, wait – is that Tom Hiddleston? (Shout-out to my fellow Loki fans). Yes! He’s appearing in a series called The Night Manager.

There’s many other BBC One shows represented in the promo, but check it out. ‘Cause Heimdall’s there. And so’s Loki. And Hugh Laurie! I miss his face; he’s in The Night Manager too. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Peter Capaldi. Geeky footage galore! Luther.

Source: Nerdist

Awesome Fan-Made Book Trailer for
Clive Barker’s The Thief of Always

I’m a big Clive Barker fan but I haven’t read this book yet. For shame! This totally rad book trailer was created by some very talented students at the DAVE School, an digital animation & visual effects school located in Florida on the backlot of one of the stages at Universal Studios Florida. Clive Barker himself was quite impressed with the trailer, as posted on his Facebook page. Watch the trailer and be impressed too.

New Episodes of Black Mirror Coming to Netflix!

I first mentioned this show a few months back during my winter Netflix binge-watch. It is a very grim and sometimes disturbing look at the downside and darkside of modern technology. While technology has been used for good, it can also serve nefarious purposes as well. Our obsession with technology also leads us to be more “open” and having all privacy stripped from us, via these devices that we carry around with us or use on a daily basis. There are times when I want to run away screaming from all technology, and there are times when I want to learn everything about new technological breakthroughs that are being explored. Such a catch-22.

Black Mirror is one of the most provocative series looking at the dark side of technology (and science) and what it means to humanity. Along with series like Mr. Robot (another favorite), Person Of Interest, Orphan Black, and many others, Black Mirror is very thought-provoking and makes you re-think the world a little. I love shows that make you feel a bit uncomfortable after you watch an episode.

Person Of Interest Season Four on Netflix – DELAYED


If you’ve been recently binge-watching the brilliant-yet-underrated series Person Of Interest on Netflix, I’ve got some bad news for you. The latest season, Season Four, was supposed to be released this past Tuesday (September 22nd), but the episodes didn’t show up. There’s been news about Netflix and CBS/Warner Bros. going back and forth over licensing issues and whatnot, but what really matters the most to fans is when will the season finally appear. I have seen all the episodes of the season and several of them many times, and I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve seen episode 4×11 – “If-Then-Else,” which is one of the finest moments of television ever.

So be patient and if you have to, purchase the show on Amazon Prime or iTunes to catch up. Season Five won’t premiere until January, so you still have plenty of time to catch up with the show. You should for many reasons. Lots of great reasons.