Have I ever written about the Saw franchise on this blog? I honestly don’t remember, and it’s not like there’s hundred of posts to wade through to find the answer. *does quick check* Looks like I haven’t. Being a procrastinating writer can be a good thing sometimes! /sarcasm

On this sixth day of the 30 Days of Halloween I’m paying tribute to one of my favorite horror franchises. I featured my favorite one earlier today: A Nightmare on Elm Street. Jumping ahead two decades to 2004, the first Saw film was released in theaters and helped name and define a new horror sub-genre: torture porn. Films not for the faint of heart, for the easily nauseated, or those who prefer shadowy scares and haunting storytelling to full-on gore and low-budget visuals.

The Saw franchise is not exactly award-winning nor are the films instant horror classics that will live on forever. Maybe the first film, but beyond that…not so much. As stupid and inane as they are, especially the last film, I love them for one major reason: those bloody, disgusting, gory, over-the-top traps. Isn’t that the main reason to watch them? There are a few films in the franchise that have halfway decent stories (with Saw VI having the best story out of the seven).

Created by Australians James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the Saw films would help launch franchises like Hostel and Human Centipede and allow filmmakers to be as extreme as they wanted to be. If the kids are flocking to it, might as well make them as bloody as possible and make a shit-ton of money too. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous they get – idiots like me will still flock to them and throw our money at the cinema screen…and then immediately crawl on the floor to collect our hard-earned wages.

There was talk at some point of adding an eighth film or rebooting the first; those are two terrible ideas. These films are decent for what they are and we should just let them be. Mostly forgotten, but loved by many like me ho are in it for the campiness, the oozing cheesiness, and the awesome traps. II can’t forget the ‘Shakesperean’ acting either (I’m talking about you, Cary Elwes. If you need a good laugh, watch the first film again).

The video clips below show almost all of the traps used throughout the entire franchise, from the wire maze trap from the first film to the “reverse bear trap” kill of Saw VII. I’ve also included my favorite trap in each film. It wasn’t hard to choose them – I mainly went for the goriest ones. Or the ones that were beyond devilish and absolutely insane (the needle pit from Saw II? *cringes and shudders*).

OVER-THE-TOP VIOLENCE WARNING: These clips are NSFW, unless your workplace is cool with you watch gory horror movie clips. In that case, your workplace rocks! Totally kidding – probably not a good idea to watch these at work. View with caution and tact and keep small children and pets from watching them with you. Unless you’re my dad who likes to introduce his kids to horror films; I turned out OK. Watch these clips at your own risk and don’t get caught slacking off at work.

Saw – All Traps / Games / Ending

Favorite Trap: Amanda’s “Reverse Bear Trap” scene. You go, Amanda!

Saw II – All Traps

Favorite Trap: “Needle Pit.” Amanda can’t catch a break.

Saw III – All Traps

Favorite Trap: “The 360-degree Limb Turner.” No orthopedic doctor can help you from that.

Saw IV – All Traps

Favorite Trap: “Scalp Removal.” I have this fear of getting my long hair caught in something and having this scene happening to me.

Saw V – All Traps

Favorite Trap: The “I Really Didn’t Need That Arm” Buzzsaw Trap. Julie Benz and Grey Byrk shouldn’t have killed off Meagan Goode; they kinda needed her for the shared bloodletting (as well as the other trapped people).

Saw VI – Most Traps

Opening Scene – “Pound of Flesh” Scale Trap

“Hanging” Trap

“The Carousel” Trap

“The Breathing Room” Trap

“The Steam Room” Trap

“Reverse Bear Trap” and “Acid Bath” Trap – Theatrical Ending

Favorite Trap: The final scene of the film, which combines two scenes – Hoffman escaping the “Reverse Bear Trap” that Jill put him in, and the “Acid Bath” trap that killed the medical insurance executive.

Saw VII – All Traps

Favorite Trap: “Fish Hook Chair” trap. Pulling out a key that’s on the end of fishing line & hook inside a woman’s stomach, while preventing her from screaming and tripping the trap was nuts. Seeing it in 3-D was even crazier.