On this seventh day day of the 30 Days of Halloween I’m spending a little bit of quality time with my favorite vampire slayer: Buffy Summers. Though the show has been off the air since 2003, its impact on pop culture, and even the academic world (there are lots of published papers and books based around the show and character), is still quite significant. It made series creator Joss Whedon a household name and helped him launch several other series that are still beloved by fans (newer & older) today: Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, as well as many other projects and films like Much Ado About Nothing and a small-budget indie film named The Avengers. There are still lots and lots of fans who re-watch the series frequently, and there’s also new fans that are discovering the show for the first time and diving head-first into the fandom.

As a BTVS fan who got into the show mid-way through Season Two, I’m still very grateful for the constant inspiration the show has given me since I first discovered it in 1998 – courtesy of my badass mom. In many ways the show saved my life and I’m eternally thankful for the positive influence it’s had in it. It was so cool to watch this show in high school because I was the same age as the characters, and seeing them battle real-life horrors and the trials & tribulations of being a teen growing up and entering college and adulthood was something I related to. When the blog was originally named A Voyage into the Quirky, Offbeat, and Geeky, I created it with the intent of showcasing many of my geeky interests, including my love for all things Buffy. That love was shown in a long retrospective series that I wrote several years ago, and in this special lil’ tribute post I’ve included the links to all of my original posts. I stopped a post short of finally completing the retrospective and that final post will appear Friday.

My lovely friend and fellow Geeky Voyage writer, Cassandra, and I are both Whedonites. We are huge Buffy fans and we’ve both got growing collections of Buffy-related items (comics, books, cards, figures, etc.), and we could probably talk your ear off about the characters, the episodes, and the seasons all day long. We’re extremely passionate about the show and we’re also big fans of the spinoff Angel. A very popular character from that show will be featured on Day 10 (this coming Sunday) of this ongoing countdown, and we both have lots of feels for them and the person who portrays them. ‘Cause that person is the most perfect human being ever and a ray of sunshine and the biggest sweetheart to their fans.

If you’d like some light reading for this weekend, I present to you all twelve parts of my Buffy Retrospective below. If any of you readers have any thoughts you’d like to share about how big of an impact the show has had on your life, I’d love to read them. I love meeting fellow fans and geeking out over one of my favorite shows with them. Your favorite episodes, scenes, relationships, characters, and anything else Buffy-related… Share all of your feelings below in the Comments section.

I do apologize for the crappy pictures. My Photoshop skills aren’t exactly l33t, and the original videos I pulled the screencaps from weren’t very clear. Enjoy the nostalgic value of the pictures and relieve all of your favorite moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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