Well folks – as you may have noticed by now, I’ve fallen a bit off-schedule for the 30 Days of Halloween Countdown. I managed to wrench my neck this past Wednesday and I’ve been dealing with that discomfort since, but feeling much better. I have three fresh posts that I will be delivering on Monday and here’s a teaser for two of them: Mulder & Scully meet Horror and a blue-haired demon goddess. If the second one is a mystery for you… You’re going to get quite the visual educational lesson on them; they’re a Whedonverse favorite. One update down.

The second update involves the most popular post on this blog and for a very good reason. Take two of the most polar-opposite – yet dynamic & similar – female characters on TV and have them fall in love without using that “L” word and what do you get? The glorious relationship that is Root & Shaw (“Shoot“) from Person Of Interest. The post I currently have up is titled SHOOT the VOTE! and was written around the time that a major online fan poll was up for favorite TV couple, canon or fanon (fan-canon). Shoot made their very first appearance in the poll and battled their way to the winner’s circle, which was totally awesome for a first-time nominee in the poll. I won’t mention the name of the site or poll because it still gives some of us Shoot fans a nervous twitch – it’s sorta explained in the post. SHOOT the VOTE! is a beginner’s guide to Shoot’s relationship and has been read by quite a few people (thank you!), but I want to change it up a bit. Those changes should be arriving by Tuesday, and I hope everyone digs them. With all of the new pictures and tidbits coming out about the couple, including new info we learned from Person Of Interest’s New York Comic Con panel earlier today, I’ve got to catch up and share the new info plus cleaning up some of the info I already have in the post.

Update #3 involves Lost Girl. There are now two more episodes ’til the series is over, and it hit me tonight that I am not prepared for the end of it. It’s been one hell of a ride, but all good things gotta end eventually. Lost Girl has had its up-and-downs in terms of its storytelling and characterizations of the main cast of characters that have frustrated fans, but its always been so fun to watch. When the dramatic moments of the show deliver, do they ever. Tonight was no exception in the episode “Follow the Yellow Trick Road.” I want to give a quick shout-out to the casting director and the producers & showrunner of the show for hiring Eric Roberts to play Bo’s father, Hades. He’s shown his “softer” side, but now Hades’ true colors have been fully on display and man – are they sinister and DARK. The first of my final Lost Girl posts will be appearing on Wednesday and it’s a Favorite Episodes post on ten favorites from the series, in no particular order. There will be more posts in the next two weeks right up until the finale. That sighing you virtually heard was me suddenly getting depressed about the show’s end again.

And finally: I’ve been WAY behind on a few interviews that I’ve conducted or am in the process of completing for others. I hope to get them done on Monday. It’s going to be quite the long day of writing but so totally worth it. I’m also now a contributing author for the site Geek Girls Rising (created by a local fangirl friend of mine). Visit the site – it’s got lots of great content to check out. I’m trying to get an article written by Tuesday. I don’t recall my randomly weird life being this busy, but BOOM! – the floodgates have opened and they ain’t shutting anytime soon.

While I get things written up and organized, please enjoy the most badass and hysterical teaser footage from this coming season of Person Of Interest (Season Five). There are spoilers, of course, but it’s still worth watching if you need a good laugh. And let us all take a moment and marvel at Amy Acker’s acting ability. If you aren’t following her career or checking out her filmography, you need to do so immediately. One of the most underrated actresses out there and the nicest person you’ll ever meet if you get a chance to see her at a future convention. This clip shows her tremendous acting ability in full and awesome form. Also, extra “cool” points for Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson, and Jim Caviezel for their great work in this scene too. Stop reading this and watch it now!

P.S. Root-as-Reese in his signature suit is probably the hottest thing that I’ve seen all year. Hoooooooly crap… Root-as-Fusco is a close second.