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Wonderful fans and visitors of this blog: the X-Files are back! Before this X-Phile starts writing a new article about her favorite TV series, it’s mandatory to have that most recognizable of theme songs playing as you read through it. Stream the hell out of this song today on repeat and annoy your neighbors as you crank it up. Here ya go:

To say that I’m excited that this Very Important Day (V.I.D.) has finally arrived is the biggest understatement of 2016, though I’ll probably be saying the same when Person of Interest finally returns this Spring. I’m currently in a state of pleasant calmness, but I have a feeling that in the next couple of hours my inner-fangirl will finally start squee-ing from anticipation. I never imagined the series ever making its triumphant return to the small screen, but I’m so glad that I was proven wrong. It’s like an awesome dream that suddenly popped out of nowhere, but it’s actually reality – which is way better.

Tonight (January 24) is the first of a two-night series premiere that FOX set for the revival. The remaining four episodes – “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” “Home Again,” “Babylon,” and “My Struggle II” – will be airing the next several weeks. The first episode is titled “My Struggle” and sees Mulder & Scully reuniting after several years apart. That’s as much as I’m going to say without spoiling anything.

The promos below give you some hints of what’s to come, though, and are spoiler-licious. The episode premieres tonight and Monday (January 25) at the following times in the USA on local FOX affiliates:

  • 10:00 PM – East Coast 
  • 9:00 PM – Central
  • 8:00 PM – Mountain (mine)
  • 7:00 PM – West Coast

My fellow Americans – we can all tweet and Facebook at the same time as the episodes are premiering and not spoil the series for anyone! Except for those that can’t watch the episodes immediately (sorry international fans). If you’re not a fan of the series, you might want to avoid all social media, TV, and the Internet for the rest of the day. If you want to add my handle on the Twitter thing and follow my non-stop geeking out, here ya go: @SylentMari. There’s also a spoiler thread for “My Struggle” that will be posted on the Geeky Voyage Facebook page.

In preparation for the two-night series premiere, “My Struggle” and “Founder’s Mutation,” this is a collection of promos, behind-the-scenes, character spots, and other miscellaneous clips from the new limited-run that FOX has released over the past several months. The following are video clips you can check out:

  • Cool mini-documentary on why The X-Files returned (with a sneak peek at future episodes).
  • Five sneak peeks at “My Struggle” for fans who want a trial run of the episode.
  • Fun lil’ viral video from the faux TV show featuring new character “Tad O’Malley” (Joel McHale from Community, The Soup)

[SPOILER WARNING] This is the most SPOILER-FILLED article that I’ve posted on Geeky Voyage, and I’ve done some pretty good spoiler-rific articles for various other shows. All of the videos below contain scenes from the new limited-run edition of the series. If you want to venture away and watch your favorite episodes and both feature films, I wouldn’t blame you. For the rest of you X-Philes that are highly anticipating the return of the series and can’t wait to see what happens, proceed with the utmost caution. [/WARNING]

The X-Files | Drum Intro

A cool, quick version of the theme song using some unique drums. It’s really trippy to listen to.

A Global Phenomenon

Remember way back in the 1990’s when The X-Files premiered and grew from a series with a small fan showing to a cultural phenomenon? This video is a friendly reminder of that time when the series dominated the world. It was an awesome time to be a fan back then and still is now.

They’re Coming

The first promo that aired for the revival series on October 26, 2015.

The X-Files | First Look

The first real look at the series – only 1:20 minutes. A great little tease of what’s to come.

The X-Files: Re-Opened

Before you watching the series premiere “My Struggle,” get yourself re-acquainted with The X-Files by watching this video. There’s lots of behind-the-scenes information and spoilers for the new episodes. It’s a good introductory video for newer fans of the series, as well as a great nostalgic look-back for longtime fans. The video is about 22 minutes and is a great way to get psyched about the new episodes premiering soon. My dad’s already seen it and he was astonished (people don’t use that word enough) when I told him that I hadn’t seen it yet ’cause S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S.

The X-Files | Declassified

The fastest explanation of The X-Files ever.

The X-Files: 10×01 – “My Struggle Opening Scene”

Try not to get chills & tears while watching this badass opening scene from “My Struggle.” Chills, I tell ya.

Collection of Sneak Peeks from The X-Files: 10×01 – “My Struggle”

SNEAK PEEK #1: “Expecting”

SNEAK PEEK #2: “Impossible”

SNEAK PEEK #3: “Masquerade”

SNEAK PEEK#4: “Do You Remember?”

SNEAK PEEK #5: “Urgent”

The Truth Revealed: Mulder and Scully

If you want a more definitive answer about Sculder’s (Scully/Mulder) relationship status, this video also answers that question.

The Ex Files

The title says it all and doubles as a major spoiler. If you’re a ‘shipper, not a warm & fuzzy clip to watch before the premiere.

Show & Not Tell: Joel McHale

Show & Not Tell: Mitch Pileggi

Show & Not Tell: Gillian Anderson

Watch Joel McHale (“Tad O’Malley”), Mitch Pileggi (“Walter Skinner,” and Gillian Anderson (“Dana Scully”) give you a quick introduction to the new episodes, with super-fast glances at upcoming scenes. If you’re graphics-savvy, you can rip the screenshots and decipher each new scene in detail. Must look away…


The Conspiracy Will Be Televised

Mulder has a conservative other half! Tad O’Malley, played by Joel McHale from Community, is a brand-new character introduced in the series. He’s a conservative talk show host who’s a conspiracy theorist, which obviously sings to Mulder’s paranoid heart. O’Malley tries to recruit Mulder for a strange case, and Mulder tries to bring in a reluctant Scully back into the fold.


If you’re a fan that quit the series after the film The X-Files: Fight the Future or right before the final two seasons, you’re gonna be completely lost watching this clip. If you remember William, this clip explores some of Sculder’s feelings about giving up their child. Will we his return in the series? All spoilers point to “YES” –  in one of the new promos Scully gets an incoming call from “William.