Not dissimilar to “6,741“, “A More Perfect Union” starts with Shaw still in Greer’s custody, though the number of simulations have now climbed to 7,530―7,530 times that Shaw killed the others and herself instead of Root.

Unusually, the number Finch receives actually belongs to a marriage license so there’s even more educated guesswork than usual regarding who the victim/perpetrator is. As entertaining as watching Finch, Reese, and then Root crash a wedding was, the most important parts of this episode were Shaw’s scenes with Greer. You can almost begin to see things from the Samaritan side when Greer points out the egregious actions of criminals only seeking to make a profit from human suffering.

My number one reason for being such a huge Person of Interest fan is because of its portrayal of morality. I can see things from each character’s point of view and the antagonists often raise good points about not just other characters, but about relevant, real-world events.

Though “A More Perfect Union” was definitely one of the more light-hearted episodes of the season, things are still a long way from being plain sailing for our team. When Reese, Finch, and Root all sit at their table together and watch the happy couples dance, you can see how their faces bemoan; quite obviously because they can’t be with their lovers. It’s subtle, but brilliantly pertinent.

The episode also re-introduces the mob element picking up from “ShotSeeker” with Moran growing ever-suspicious of just what exactly is going on. His suspicions naturally go hand-in-hand with Fusco’s near identical viewpoint, which I thought could possibly mean an unlikely alliance on the horizon.

Creepy Samaritan kid makes a return too, telling Shaw that there is no other way [other than joining Samaritan] and he even brings up how Root is what she considers pretty. As it transpires, all of the scenes of Shaw outside of the Samaritan facility were all simulations.

Another important scene in the episode is where Fusco and Bear investigate the tunnel set for demolition. Inside, Fusco discovers the corpses of the missing persons, including Krupa and Moran. Just as he decides to leave, the demolition begins, trapping him and Bear inside. It’s quite the cliffhanger to end the episode on, but as I’ve already seen them both in upcoming promos (both a blessing and a curse), I already know that they’ll make it out alive.

I enjoyed every minute of the episode and it was great to see Fusco play another important role. His banter with Root at the precinct was a massive highlight for me as up until then, they hadn’t shared a scene together this season. As I was discussing with a friend recently, I’ve always thought that Fusco is a highly underrated character and I love how this season has elevated his importance. The scenes with Fusco and Shaw did feel disjointed, but as with everything in this show, the scenes are small pieces of a large puzzle waiting to be completed.