20160823_063113Pretty Landscape Alert: An Albuquerque sunrise (Fall 2016)

If you are a first-time visitor to Geeky Voyage: I welcome you to my lil’ geeky spot on the Internet, and I hope you enjoy the articles that we (my writers, and future writers) have published on here. We have many more articles planned for the future, plus new features that I’ll be excitedly sharing here over the next few months.

For returning Geeky Voyage visitors: I apologize for the long hiatus (since June 2016 – I know!). Blame it on a missing-in-action muse and 2016 beling one hell of a chaotic year. I’m sure most of you understand. That stupid muse of mine has returned from her extended vacation and has promised to play fair and not leave me again for a while.

What does that mean? There’ll be new articles posted here within the next week, as well as some videos and panel write-ups for a convention that I’m attending this weekend: ClexaCon. I’m so, so excited to be attending this year because there are so many great ships being represented this year, but my favorite will be in attendance: Shoot from Person of Interest, or rather their portrayers. Yes, Root and Shaw fans – Amy Acker (aka someone every fan should meet) and Sarah Shahi will be at the convention. You can check out more info about their appearances, as well as many other popular F/F ships on the con’s website.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be making some changes to the site. I’ll be adding a newer-ish logo, there’s going to be a site facelift, and there are a few published articles that I’ve written that I need to update. I promise not to make too much of a mess..

If you have any content that you’d like to see appear on this site, are a creative type (music, movies, TV, etc.) that would like to showcase some of their amazing work, or would like to write and get endless kudos and a tiny bit of exposure for you’re writing (this site’s slooooooooowly growing), please feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime or tweet me: geekyvoyage@gmail.com or @sylentmari (Twitter). Comments, feedback, sarcasm, punny jokes, and more are accepted. This is a fan-driven site and I would LOVE to hear from more fans who might be interested in sharing their interests or talents with the world.

On to future articles!

Maribel Martinez, aka Sylent Mari
Editor of Geeky Voyage