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30 Days of Halloween! Day 8 – Hanging Out At The Bronze + Final Thoughts [BTVS Music]

On this (delayed) eighth day of the 30 Days of Halloween, I’m finally writing the final “chapter” of this Buffy the Vampire Slayer retrospective that started over three years ago. I had a few thoughts left that I wanted to share about the show and the impact that it’s had on my life, but I never got around to finishing it for various reasons. Like Real Life not being very kind to me and giving me the necessary time nor creative drive to write. Being an adult sucks sometimes, but it also has its benefits. Like meeting cast members from one of your favorite shows, or reliving episodes with fans who remember them fondly, or convincing friends to watch the show for the first time.

One thing I forgot to cover initially when I first started posting the various parts of my retrospective was giving much-needed attention to the soundtrack of the show. Music plays a very important in our lives for a variety of reasons, and many shows have utilized the power of the audio arts in many terrific ways. Lost Girl – for example – has had so many great songs featured in its episodes that have worked well with moving along the story, as well as giving us background sound to listen to during very important scenes. The same goes for another recent favorite of mine, Person Of Interest, that is very aware of the power of music and is very particular about the songs used in the show to emphasize the emotional value of a particular scene.

Buffy was one of the major shows in the early-1990’s that used lots of great music to accentuate an episode or really bring a scene to the forefront. Before Sarah McLachlan was more commonly associated with really sad commercials featuring abused animals (the ASPCA ads that play constantly on U.S. television during the weekends and evenings), her music was featured a few times on the show. One specific song, “Full of Grace” from the Surfacing album, played at the end of the Season Two episode “Becoming, Part 2,” and the emotional impact that it brought with it still resonates with many fans of the show to this day. You need to make a scene even sadder or more mentally devastating? Play a Sarah McLachlan song in the background.

All sarcasm aside, Joss Whedon definitely understood the power of music and really made it shine on Buffy. All the songs that are featured in an episode have a place in the scenes, and it doesn’t feel like they were just put there to have some pretty background noise to listen to. Each song is important in the storyline of that particular episode, and the feelings that we get from listening to them are real. These songs stay with us long after the episode has ended and we’ve come to recognize their importance and sometimes include them in the soundtrack of our own lives.

The nifty embedded player that I’ve added below features many of the songs that appeared on the show. It’s a showcase of some of the best underrated Alternative Rock tunes of the 1990’s and early-2000’s, and these songs still hold up very well after all these years. It’s easy to sit back, listen to them, and revisit the scenes that they were featured in.

I’ve included – separately – two very important pieces of music that aren’t featured in the playlist below. The first one is the most important of all: the show’s theme song courtesy of alt-pop-punk band Nerf Herder (extra geek points if you get the reference). The second is an original piece of music that was written for one of the beloved couples from the series: Buffy and Angel, aka Bangel. Shout-out to my fellow Bangel fans! (I’m a multi-shipper that ships all the canon and fanon couples). The most important use of that theme song came at the end of “Becoming, Part 2;” we all know what scene I’m talking about.

“Close Your Eyes (Buffy & Angel’s Theme)” by Christophe Beck

There’s some theme songs that make me curl up into a tight ball and make me cry, curled up in a corner and letting all my fangirl feelings out. This theme song is a perfect example. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Buffy and Angel’s relationship, this is a really beautiful and haunting musical composition from series composer Christophe Beck. Starting off quietly before climaxing into a powerfully epic conclusion, “Close Your Eyes” was used most effectively in the episode “Becoming, Part 2.”

I’ve mentioned the episode several times in this retrospective. I’ve even mentioned how much that particular scene affected me. But I’ve got share it again to finally move on and cry over my other OTP’s.

Towards the end of “Becoming, Part 2,” Angelus was fighting Buffy in one hell of a ferocious battle, and he seemingly bested her at one point until she fought back. Just as she was about to defeat him and close the Hell portal that was opening from the ancient demon Acathla’s maw, Willow’s spell to restore Angel’s soul succeeded at the last minute – of course. Buffy stopped just before she ran him through with her sword, and the expression on his face… Ugh. Don’t wanna talk about it.

Anyway, the theme starts to play in the background as Buffy and Angel talk a little bit, and she professes her love for him. Then the time has arrived for Buffy to close the Hell portal using Angel’s blood (which opened it in the first place), but she can’t bring herself to do it while he’s tearfully staring at her, brooding even more than usual. She quietly (and also tearfully) asks him to close his eyes, and he obliges, before she does run her sword through him, killing the love of her life while saving the world. Sometimes ya gotta sacrifice one for the many, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Final Thoughts

I’m a bit sad that this retrospective has come to an end. While it may be the “final curtain call,” it doesn’t mean that there’s not a possibility of more posts appearing in the future. You can’t truncate Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the impact that it’s had on pop culture in general in so many words – it’s impossible. I can offer my thoughts & feelings on it and share it with the rest of the world, as well as having fellow fans speak about the impact the show has had on their own lives.

Without Buffy, I wouldn’t be here on this soil. It’s saved my life in so many ways, and I will be forever grateful to Joss for his creation. Buffy helped open the door for me creatively in a lot of ways. It also led me to the series Angel, which helped me discover my current favorite actress, who I’ve had the opportunity to meet not once, but twice, this year. I can’t mention them JUST YET because they’re going to be the focus of Sunday’s Halloween Countdown post. The only hint I’m giving is that while they are the most genuine and kindest person I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting, they’ve played some of the most morally-gray characters ever, and even a villain or two.

Thank you for taking the time in following me on this very long journey. If you have never seen an episode of Buffy yet…why are you still on this site reading this post? Go watch it now! Binge on it! You’ll thank me later for being addicted to it and adding it to your own personal list of favorite TV shows. My lovely co-writer will be adding her own thoughts on the show too, so be on the lookout for that soon.

I leave you with two videos showcasing the wondrous joy and insanity that is Buffy’s musical episode: “Once More With Feeling.” Joss arranged & produced the musical arrangements with collaborator Jesse Tobias. Fun Fact: Jesse was one of the touring guitarists for Alanis Morissette in her backing band, named Sexual Chocolate, during her major Jagged Little Pill tour after that record was released.

“Once More With Feeling” – Behind the Scenes

30 Days of Halloween! Day 7 – “She is the Slayer…” – Part 1 [TV Show Throwback]

On this seventh day day of the 30 Days of Halloween I’m spending a little bit of quality time with my favorite vampire slayer: Buffy Summers. Though the show has been off the air since 2003, its impact on pop culture, and even the academic world (there are lots of published papers and books based around the show and character), is still quite significant. It made series creator Joss Whedon a household name and helped him launch several other series that are still beloved by fans (newer & older) today: Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse, as well as many other projects and films like Much Ado About Nothing and a small-budget indie film named The Avengers. There are still lots and lots of fans who re-watch the series frequently, and there’s also new fans that are discovering the show for the first time and diving head-first into the fandom.

As a BTVS fan who got into the show mid-way through Season Two, I’m still very grateful for the constant inspiration the show has given me since I first discovered it in 1998 – courtesy of my badass mom. In many ways the show saved my life and I’m eternally thankful for the positive influence it’s had in it. It was so cool to watch this show in high school because I was the same age as the characters, and seeing them battle real-life horrors and the trials & tribulations of being a teen growing up and entering college and adulthood was something I related to. When the blog was originally named A Voyage into the Quirky, Offbeat, and Geeky, I created it with the intent of showcasing many of my geeky interests, including my love for all things Buffy. That love was shown in a long retrospective series that I wrote several years ago, and in this special lil’ tribute post I’ve included the links to all of my original posts. I stopped a post short of finally completing the retrospective and that final post will appear Friday.

My lovely friend and fellow Geeky Voyage writer, Cassandra, and I are both Whedonites. We are huge Buffy fans and we’ve both got growing collections of Buffy-related items (comics, books, cards, figures, etc.), and we could probably talk your ear off about the characters, the episodes, and the seasons all day long. We’re extremely passionate about the show and we’re also big fans of the spinoff Angel. A very popular character from that show will be featured on Day 10 (this coming Sunday) of this ongoing countdown, and we both have lots of feels for them and the person who portrays them. ‘Cause that person is the most perfect human being ever and a ray of sunshine and the biggest sweetheart to their fans.

If you’d like some light reading for this weekend, I present to you all twelve parts of my Buffy Retrospective below. If any of you readers have any thoughts you’d like to share about how big of an impact the show has had on your life, I’d love to read them. I love meeting fellow fans and geeking out over one of my favorite shows with them. Your favorite episodes, scenes, relationships, characters, and anything else Buffy-related… Share all of your feelings below in the Comments section.

I do apologize for the crappy pictures. My Photoshop skills aren’t exactly l33t, and the original videos I pulled the screencaps from weren’t very clear. Enjoy the nostalgic value of the pictures and relieve all of your favorite moments from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


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Random Geekiness From Around The Web – 03/13/2015

A Happy Friday the 13th to everyone! Remember to start your Friday the 13th marathon soon, and that includes the TV series (a decent watch for nostalgia’s sake). Also, black cats are your friends so please treat them with kindness – they are good luck, after all. And darn cute too! I almost laughed out loud at work earlier because someone had the classic “ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha” sound as their ringtone. Try to get that out of your head for the rest of your day.


Over the past few weeks (months even) there’s been a plethora of all sorts of awesome geek and pop culture news from around the world. I try to keep up with it all, and that’s what this post is all about. I’ve got quite a few cool bits of awesome new stories and events to share, so let me get a typin’. These are just some of the stories…** [cue Law & Order DUN-DUN]

Thank You Shoot/Person Of Interest Fans! ^-^

A quick shout-out to the curious readers and fans of Shoot and Person Of Interest who have been reading my latest blog post. I hope it’s been a fun read, and if you find yourself watching Shoot videos for the next several hours – no need to thank me. The first round of the AfterEllen poll closed today, so I will be posting the link to Round 2 on Monday as soon as it’s released.

Here’s another awesome fan video as my token of much appreciation for visiting Geeky Voyage and letting me geek out about one of my favorite couples:

Bloodsport | Root & Shaw
Credit: YouTube user eemersonm

Live in Denver, Phoenix or Dallas? Your Comic Cons Are Just Around The Corner!

Albuquerque once had a pretty big comic convention that ran for a few years called the Albuquerque Comic Expo. Sadly, it is no longer around due to several circumstances. Fortunately, there are several large out-of-state comic conventions in our neighboring states that aren’t far to drive to and one can go on a weekend excursion to. Check out the three major Southwestern USA conventions below:

DENVER COMIC CON (May 21st – May 24th, 2015)


I’m attending DCC for the first time this year. I’m beyond excited because it’s my first time road-tripping up to Denver. There’s also an awesome list of guests that’ll be attending, and one that I am so stoked to see for the first time, being a longtime fan of their’s. Here’s a list of the celebs/comics artists/authors that will be attending this year:

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: The Animanics voice cast  celebration (Jess Harnell, Randy Rogel, Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNellle, Maurice LaMarche), Amy Acker, Brian Cummings, Alan Tudyk, Sean Astin, Lou Ferrigno, Christopher Lloyd, Garrett Wang, Clare Kramer, Cary Elwes, Scott Wilson, Nichelle Nichols, Jewel Staite, Patrick Warburton, Michael Hogan, Lindsay Wagner, Emma Caulfield, Austin St. John, Vic Mignonga

COMIC ARTISTS/WRITERS: Howard Chaykin, Rafael Albuquerque, Art Baltazar, Trina Robbins, Steve Lieber, Ramon Perez, Peter Tomasi, Mark McKenna, Mark Irwin, Kyle HigginsJoëlle Jones, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jeremy Haun, Jackie Estrada, Fred Van Lente, Eric Canete, David Petersen, Dave Johnson, Crystal Skillman, Batton Lash, Andrew Robinson, Amanda Conner, Allen Bellman

If you’ve read my latest post about Person Of Interest’s Root & Shaw (#TeamShoot), you’ve probably seen me mention that I’m a big Amy Acker fan. I’ve been a fan for years and I am beyond excited to be seeing her for the first time. There’s also a lot of Whedonverse actors attending as well – I’m hoping for a panel featuring all of them. Oh, my lil’ geeky heart can barely contain itself! <3

If there are any local fans who want to do a meet-up, or are willing to show a first-timer around, send an e-mail to sylentmari@gmail.com. Would love to hang out with like-minded geeks. I’ll be attending all three days – so glad my work is on a school break the same weekend.


FAN EXPO DALLAS (May 29th – May 31st, 2015)


Excuse the language for a second, but GILLIAN MOTHERFUCKIN’ ANDERSON is one of the special guests of this con. As a lifelong X-Files fan who started watched the series since the beginning and has followed Gillian’s career since, seeing her or even meeting her would be beyond badass. In my Celebrity Bucket List of People I Want to Meet, she’s at the top of the list (followed by Lucy Lawless and Eliza Dushku). She doesn’t do many convention appearances, so this is a rare opportunity to see her.

Firefly/Serenity, Batman, Superman, Star Wars & Doctor Who fans – there’s a couple of guests you’re gonna wanna check out too.

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Scott Wilson, Ming-Na Wen, Jeri RyanCary Elwes, Gillian Anderson, Billie Piper, Jenna Coleman, Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk, Tyler Posey, Carrie Fisher, Karen Gillan, Robin Lord Taylor, Adam West, Burt Ward, Henry Simmons, Drew Powell, Laura Vandervoort, Dean Cain

COMIC ARTISTS/VOICE ACTORS/WRITERS: The website’s giving me issues, but thus far – Stan Lee, Ed McGuinness, Kevin Conroy, Charles Martinet, Tara Strong, Tom Kenny




Lots of Whedonverse actors at this convention, along with two rare appearances by husband & wife team Alexis Denisof and Alyson Hannigan (Buffy and Angel fans just had a heart attack). There’s a lot of great guests to and I’ve heard that this is an awesome convention to attend (from a family member that attends every year). So Southwest USA fans: you’ve got your pick of three awesome conventions to check out in May.

ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Alexis Denisof, Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, Edward James Olmos, Jason Momoa, Jim Beaver, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Shanks, Summer Glau 

COMICS ARTISTS/WRITERS/VOICE ACTORS: Alex Gordon, Billy Tucci, Brian Staveley, Cherie Priest, Delilah S. Dawson, Django Wexler, Greg Van Eekhout, M.L. Brennan, Marv Wolfman, Michael Martinez, Mike Zeck, Paul Cornell, Renee Witterstaetter, Sam Sykes, Scott Stigler, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Tom Kane, Van Jensen, Veronica Taylor, Viola Carr, Wesley Chu, Weston Ochse, Yvonne Navarro

The End Is Nigh For The Lord Of Hell: Clive Barker’s The Scarlet Gospels Finally Being Released – May 19th, 2015scarletushb1

For years fans have been clamoring for more stories based on the Lord Of Hell, the Lead Cenobite, the “Guy in the S&M” gear – Pinhead, the lovable horror character from the Hellraiser series of films (total guilty pleasures after Hellbound: Hellraiser II; Hellraiser: Revelations is utter crap). Pinhead and his fellow Cenobites have captured the imagination of horror fans for years since their first appearance in the Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart. Over 20+ years later and Clive is re-visiting that world and bringing in a familiar face (Harry D’Amour) to help stop Pinhead from conquering Heaven, Hell, and our world.

The original manuscript for this book clocked in at a whopping 2000+ pages, but has been whittled down to 352 pages of Harry’s battle against Pinhead, who is murdering all of Earth’s magicians and occultists for his own nefarious purposes. While i’m sad to see an end to Pinhead’s story, it’ll be cool to re-visit his story and see how it concludes when The Scarlet Gospels is released this coming May.

Source: Clive Barker: Revelations

From Greek Gods to Deadites – Lucy Lawless Joins STARZ’s Ash vs Evil Dead

Starz ContentsLucretia will always be one of my favorite villainesses (Spartacus series)

Rejoice, Xena fans! Lucy Lawless will be re-teaming with her former Xena co-star, Bruce Campbell (we need a channel dedicated to him), in the Evil Dead spinoff series Ash vs Evil Dead, premiering sometime this years on the STARZ channel. I have many fond memories of Bruce as the suave & dashing thief Autolycus kicking major ass alongside Xena (or getting his ass kicked by her) in the episodes his character starred in, so it’ll be a ton of fun to see them on the small screen together again.

This time, though, Lucy’s character, the super-mysterious “Ruby,” is at odds with Ash. She thinks that he’s the one who brought the Deadites back into our world after their re-appearance in the years post-Army Of Darkness. Besides the Deadites, Ash is gonna have to do his best to convince Ruby that he’s not the cause of their return, but he will be the cause of their gory, juicy, nasty, bloody deaths (as is common whenever Ash, his trusty boomstick and chainsaw, and Deadites are involved).

I want this show to premiere now! The show will have a run of ten episodes and more have not been announced; could just be a mini-series spinoff. Either way, I need more Evil Dead and Bruce Campbell in my life.

Source: Dark Horizons

The Fall Returning For A Third Season; Fans Around the World Rejoice


One of my favorite new series is the dark crime drama The Fall, which stars Gillian Anderson and Jaime Dornan in a modern “cat and mouse” chase between Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson (my dream woman) and Paul Spector (a narcissistic bastard who sexually abuses, tortures, then murders his victims). I’m hoping we won’t see a long delay in the third season arriving on Netflix and TV sets across the globe. If you haven’t seen an episode of the series, I recommend that you find a free weekend or day to binge-watch the first two seasons, which total 11 episodes (and each one is about an hour long).

The ITV/BBC Two series has a large worldwide following and it only continues to grow as people discover it on Netflix, which has had exclusive streaming rights for the series for the past two years. It was a bit too dark for my family’s liking, which is kind of surprising considering that we’re all fans of Luther, which can be quite dark & gritty 99% of the time. I’ll win them over someday.

Gillian’s such a strong lead actress and her character is very no-nonsense and is immune to bullshit and misogyny. She’s confident in her abilities, she’s very independent, and she will do what she needs to solve the cases that come her way. And she will not put up with an asshole like Paul Spector either.

Source: AfterEllen

Sylent Mari’s “Weekly” Music Mix [11.17.14] – #2

Sure – it’s not exactly in keeping with the idea of weekly musical posts that I had planned on doing a few months ago, but I’m trying kids! Here’s my latest post on music that I’ve been listening to and on heavy rotation on my Spotify playlists. Some of the songs are the newest hits that are hot at this moment, and other songs are ones that I’ve listened to for years that I’ve always loved. You may recognize a few of the tunes from various television shows or cinematic features – I’ll indicate what they’ve appeared in with each entry.

If you’d like to hear more from a particular artist, or have any artists I should check out based on the selections in this playlist, share your favorites with me in the comments below, tweet me your suggestions to @SylentMari, or shoot me an e-mail to sylentmari @ gmail.com.

A Spoilery Reminder: Some of the songs below come from significant moments from the TV shows and films. Major spoilers will have a warning before the scene in which the song is played is revealed. Some of the shows and films mentioned are: Lost Girl, The Matrix, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Queen of the Damned, The Crow, and The Walking Dead.

Alanis Morissette – “I Remain” – Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Alanis has written some really beautiful and fantastic soundtrack songs over the span of her career, and this is one of them. “I Remain” is featured in the ending credits of the Jake Gyllenhaal-Ben Kingsley-Gemma Arterton film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, (loosely) based on the video game series of the same name. An interesting mix of Middle Eastern rhythms and orchestral magic, Alanis’ quiet and poignant vocals and lyrics compliment the music perfectly. She was nominated for a Golden Globe award for the song, which she performs quite frequently in concert in recent years, breaking up the song in three-part segments throughout her set. One of my favorite songs.

Alice in Chains – “Down In A Hole” – Dirt

If I had to come up with a Top 50 list of my all-time favorite songs, “Down In A Hole” would be featured on it, and probably in my Top 20. My favorite AIC track, this beautifully depressing song is one of the band’s strongest, and one that even non-fans are familiar with. It’s an even harder song to listen to years after Layne Staley’s unfortunate death due to a drug overdose – his haunting vocals still bring chills to me. One of my most memorable concert experiences was hearing this song live during Jerry Cantrell’s set when he opened up for Nickelback back in 2002, when Nickelback was starting to become the huge act that they are now. Layne was discovered almost two weeks before that performance, and hearing Jerry talking about the passing of his bandmate and friend while trying not to cry was hard. What made that moment even more somber and memorable was when he dedicated this song to Layne and seeing almost of the concert-goers around me pull out their lighters and holding them up high in the air in solidarity of the fallen singer, while we all sang along to the song. Such a powerful moment and one I will never forget.

Amy Lee (feat. Dave Eggar) – “Lockdown” – War Story: Official Motion Picture Soundtrack

“Amy Lee, Amy Lee…that name sounds very familiar.” If you guessed that she is the co-founder and frontwoman of Evanescence, then virtual cookies for you! While that band is currently in-stasis as Amy regroups (and sues her former record label for missing profits), she got the opportunity to venture into a creative area that’s she always wanted to tackle: scoring a feature film. That dream came true when she helped score the music for a film called War Story, released this year and starring Catherine Keener and Ben Kingsley. The music is a mixture of traditional film orchestral composition with electronic and ambient sounds swimming in-between, and Amy Lee’s signature vocals accompanying a few of the tracks on the soundtrack. “Lockdown” sounds like it could’ve been featured on Evanescence’s last record. Hope Amy decides to do more feature films with that “epic” ton she’s always featuring in her band’s music.

Ben Howard – “Oats in the Water” – The Burgh Island EP

A fan-favorite from this show’s fourth season, “Oats in the Water” plays during a pivotal scene in Season Four / Episode Five of The Walking Dead, in an episode called “Internment.” MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT! In the previous episode, Rick told Carol to “F- off” after he found out that she had mercy-killed Karen and another survivor in the prison after they were becoming worse from the horrible virus/flu that they had contracted from another survivor. You can argue with me about the nature of the killing, but as we return to the prison, we see Hershel doing the best that he can under the circumstances as he tries to treat those who are also succumbing to the same virus/flu – including Glenn. END SPOILER ALERT! Rick and Hershel have a conversation separated by a glass window that peeks into the prison’s Death Row, where the sick survivors are currently being quarantined. At one point Hershel turns to his Bible, opens it, and starts to sob as this song is playing in the background. One of my favorite episodes from the so-so fourth season.

Björk – “All is Full of Love” – Homogenic / Greatest Hits

You gotta love Björk and all of her eccentricities that bleed into her widely imaginative musical career. You also have to be cautious around her or she’ll go nuclear on you (she’s mellowed out in recent years and hasn’t had any major temper tantrums). Björk has always been a favorite artist of mine because her music is so hard to pin down and so different from most everything out there, past and present. “All is Full of Love” was featured in the 1999 religious-themed film Stigmata, starring Patricia Arquette as an atheist who has strange wounds appearing on her hands and body, which look strangely similar to the wounds Jesus himself had on the cross (if you believe that Jesus existed). Of course random stuff starts happening to her, and it gets a bit convoluted at times and a bit heavy-handed. As an atheist I found it a little offensive because it presumes that we’re selfish jerks until we “see the light,” one of the messages of this film. I hate that stereotype – most of us are very compassionate people who love, care, and try to help our fellow human beings in any way we can. Mini-rant over – ahem. Besides being featured in that film, this is a gorgeous track that is fast becoming of my new current favorite tracks.

Christophe Beck – “Close Your Eyes (Buffy & Angel’s Love Theme) – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Original Television Series Soundtrack

Lots of fangirl feels ahead! There are songs that sometimes bring strong emotions to us when we hear them, reminding us of certain moments in our lives or things that we’ve experienced while watching our favorite films or television series. In the case of this instrumental track featured in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it gives me chills along with tears. MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT! Playing towards the end of the Season Two episode “Becoming, Part 2” (Episode 22), Angel lost his soul midway through Season Two and became his psychotic vampiric self again, Angelus, who succeeded in mentally, physically, and emotionally torturing Buffy and her friends. He even killed a then-key member of the Scooby Gang – technopagan and Giles’ lover, Jenny Calendar. Buffy and Angel have an epic swordfight and just as Buffy’s about to kill Angelus, sending his evil self to Hell and closing a portal to a demon dimension that he had opened up, his soul return. Angelus becomes Angel again, and the poor guy has no clue what’s happened since his demon took over again. Poor Buffy is so conflicted at this moment – while her lover has returned, she has to kill him to save the world. She whispers to him, “Close your eyes,” as they hold each other – while this track plays in the background – and she runs him through with her sad. END SPOILER ALERT! Also one of my favorite moments from any TV series, as sad as it is.

Depeche Mode – “Surrender” – “Only When I Lose Myself” Single B-Side (UK)

This song is one of the tracks left off from Depeche Mode’s ULTRA album, and I wish it had made the final tracklist. ULTRA is also one of the all-time favorite albums, and this would’ve been a nice track to close out the album with. When I hear this song, I imagine a 1920’s or 1930’s-inspired video with burlesque dancers, gangsters, flappers, and a detective trying to solve a crime in film noir-style, complete with traditional black-and-white film. I see the band performing in a smoky bar, with Dave Gahan front and center and performing his magic in a very dapper outfit. If you’re a DM fan that hasn’t heard this song yet, listen above and seek it out if you can find the single, ‘cause I still love to buy albums and singles in physical forms like vinyl or CD’s.

Econoline Crush – “Razorblades and Bandaides” – The Devil You Know

When I look at my many playlists of songs that I love and am influenced by in my creative works, I’ve noticed that many of them are dark, bitter, emotionally heavy, depressing, and break-up songs. I’ve always liked sad songs and I sometimes find them more interesting than upbeat or “happy” tracks. This song from Canadian band Econoline Crush is one of my favorite break-up songs. “I miss you more than words could ever say, I miss you every single empty day…” The thoughts those words reflect sometimes swim through our heads after we’ve gone through a painful end to a relationship, but maybe it had to end for a reason – to find ourselves, to find the person we’re really meant to be with, etc. If you’ve never heard of Econoline Crush, check out their albums The Devil You Know and Affliction and the Purge EP. They’re a mixture of post-grunge, industrial, and heavy alternative rock.

Fluke – “Zion” – The Matrix Reloaded Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

A sexy funky ambient track that appears during that massive rave scene in Zion. We all know the scene – massive underground dancing orgy-athon intercut with scenes of Trinity and Neo getting it on in an undisclosed location…or their pad in Zion. It’s a cool ambient dance track and a perfect way to wind down your evening after a night out.

Garbage – “#1 Crush” – Absolute Garbage (Special Edition) / Romeo + Juliet Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I think this is one of the mist heavenly and sexiest songs of all time. Very 1990’s but that’s not a bad thing. This Garbage hit was heard all over alternative stations when Baz Luhrman’s Romeo + Juliet came out. Do you remember the film? A then-modern contemporary take starring Leonardo DiCaprio (before he became a mega-star thanks to Titanic) and Claire Danes (known for her role on my So-Called Life at the time), the film is definitely interesting, seeing characters dressed up in ‘90’s fashions while quoting the classical Shakesperean lines from the play. The soundtrack itself is worth seeking, but “#1 Crush” is the standout. The track oozes sex in the music and Shirley Manson’s lustful vocals, and should be added to any bedtime playlist. Here’s a great live version from Monterrey, Mexico from 2012.

The Hundred in the Hands – “Keep It Low” – Red Night

The theme of this week’s playlist is electronic, ambient, moody music to chill out or be creative to. Or to have sexy nighttime moments to. “Keep It Low” fits all three categories and is a more recent favorite track. Featured in Season Three / Episode Five “Faes Wide Shut,” the song is played during the intro scene. Bo and Lauren, after having a serious discussion about their relationship at the end of the previous episode, agree to Bo feeding on others to heal herself and give poor Lauren a break form their nightly sexual escapades. The women are dressed to the lines as they look for a potential “victim” for Bo to bed while hanging out in the Dal Riata, and there’s a hilarious moment where Lauren gives poor Trick (Bo’s grandfather) a bit TMI about trying to deal with her girlfriend’s “coital requirements.”

Keane – “Somewhere Only We Know” – Hopes & Fears

Yes, this song received lots of radioplay a few years ago, but I love it. I tend to discover songs long after they’ve hit the airwaves because I don’t listen to local radio stations – I’m usually listening to our one local progressive talk station. And modern radio sucks because of all the commercials and the same songs are always on rotation, even if it’s a classic rock station. Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” has also been featured in several television series’ and films, including Grey’s Anatomy, Cold Case, Life, and the film He’s Just Not That Into You. Groove to this UK band and transport yourself five years back to 2009.

Lioness – “They Clip the Wings of Birds” – The Golden Killer

Featured towards the end of Lost Girl’s fourth episode in Season Three, “Fae-de to Black,” this song plays in the background MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT! while Bo confesses to her girlfriend, Lauren, that she slept with her ex-boyfriend, Dyson, to help herself heal after receiving a very serious injury while trying to save a human earlier in the episode. As Lauren stares at Bo, angry tears threatening to fall from her eyes, Bo pleads with her to say something. Instead of screaming at Bo or leaving her apartment, Lauren leans in and grabs Bo and pulls in for a kiss. Defeated, Lauren and Bo come to the realization at this moment that Bo needs other sexual partners to fully heal herself as a Succubus, but she will remain monogamous to Lauren. END SPOILER ALERT! One of the few times a show has even broached the topic of open relationships, in this particular instance it’s necessary for Bo to survive and what I like most about it is that it’s not frowned upon or seen as anything salacious. Along with the Buffy the Vampire Slayer scene mentioned above, this always always makes me cry. At the time it aired it was very hard for me to watch, having gone through a break-up a few months before.

Massive Attack – “Safe From Harm (Perfecto Mix””)” – The Insider: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Used in in the final scene in one of director Michael Mann’s best films, 1999’s The Insider. If you’re unfamiliar with the film, it’s based on a true story. In the fictionalized version, a research chemist who worked for one of the major tobacco companies exposed disastrous information about the harmful effects of cigarettes on consumers in an expose on CBS’ 60 Minutes. The man went through personal and professional ruin, but the film perfectly illustrates what happens to whistleblowers who release and unveil information that they believe the public needs to know about. Al Pacino plays a 60 Minutes producer named Lowell Bergman, and as Massive Attack closes out the film, we see Al Pacino making a cool exit out of a building in the only way Al Pacino can. 

P!nk – “Try” – The Truth About Love

I’ll just leave the music video here:

My favorite P!nk song. It’s beautiful, it’s somber, it’s heartbreaking, it has more adjectives I could use, and it’s also one of the best pop songs released in recent years. The video is beautifully shot and executed and breathtaking. If you’ve seen any of P!nk’s live performances, you know how well-choreographed they are with the acrobatics and dancing. I never get tired of listening to this song and could put it on repeat easily.

Robot Koch (feat. John LaMonica) – “Nitesky” – The Other Side

I started seeking out more of Robot Koch’s music after I first heard the song below in a fan-made music video. I found this song on Spotify and instantly loved it. Along with the song below, I can’t easily describe it, but it’s a sad, quiet, melodic track to listen to in the background when company’s over, or alone and with your thoughts as the day ends.

Robot Koch (feat. Susie Suh) – “Here With Me” – “Here With Me” Single

I don’t have any words to describe this song beyond amazing and touching. The first time I heard this song was in a Lost Girl fanvid for Doccubus called “Here With Me,” same as the song. The song wouldn’t leave me afterwards, so I immediately sought it out. I’ve added the video below, and even if you’re not a fan of Lost Girl or Doccubus, the video is still worth checking out because it’s very well-done and edited. The song is also featured in Season 1 / Episode 3 of the show The Blacklist.

Sara Bareilles – “Gravity” – Little Voice

I always discover really good songs from artists that I like years later, it seems like. Maybe I should buy more albums when I get the chance. I love “Gravity.” It’s a song that kills me a little on the inside every time I hear it, but only because it’s such a beautiful piece of music. I discovered this song while listening to Alanis Morissette’s Valentine’s Day Spotify playlist. She had this song and “I Choose You” on her list, and I thought it was cool that she was a Sara fan too. If the song sounds really familiar, you may have heard in several different shows, like The Vampire Diaries, Army Wives, Community, and So You Think You Can Dance.

Static-X – Cold (Radio/Deep Freeze Mix) – Queen of the Damned: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This movie was the epitome of everything wrong with a movie that was trying to pander to teens and be “original” in a post-Matrix world: really horrible CGI, really wooden acting, a very generic soundtrack half-filled with decent songs, and destroying the integrity of not one but two books that was its source material: Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat and Interview with the Vampire. Some of the highlights of the movie were Aaliyah (for the younger readers out there, a popular R & B singer from the ‘90’s who died too young in the early 2000’s) as the vampiric goddess/queen Akasha, mother of all vampires, and this song from Static-X, which was featured in the film. Wayne Static also lent his vocals to the song “Not Meant for Me,” another song from the soundtrack. Check out the video for the song on Youtube – it has a cool vampiric theme to it.

Stone Temple Pilots – “Big Empty” – Purple / The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This song, along with a few others on this playlist, were brought to you by the 1990’s – or when alternative rock was badass. Stone Temple Pilots was one of the biggest bands of the decade, and they were featured on several soundtracks, including this one. It’s a perfect addition to The Crow and it brings back lots of memories of the decade and the first time I watched the film and ventured more into the world of The Crow.

You+Me – “Break the Cycle” – rose ave.

Have you heard of You+Me? No? A musical duo that’s flown under the radar how could that be? And those vocals sure do sound familiar… If you haven’t listened to the indie folk pop stylings of You+Me yet, drop everything that you’re doing and seek out their debut album, rose ave., and you won’t be disappointed. You+Me is the collaborative duo of Alecia Moore and Dallas Green, who are better known by their stage names and projects: P!nk and City and Colour. Dallas is also the former frontman for the Canadian group Alexisonfire, if you’re into the modern post-hardcore movement. “Break the Cycle” was one of the first singles released from their debut album, and it’s a wonderful example of their musical collaboration, and something different for P!nk fans to check out. I hope they continue to make more music in the future because rose ave. is a really terrific album.

The xx – “Angels” – Coexist

See the Robot Koch entries. A pretty minimalist ambient electronic number with great lyrics. Great dream pop to lull yourself to sleep with. Featured in the new version of 90210, Gossip Girl, and Made in Chelsea.

Sylent Mari’s Weekly Music Mix [08.28.14]

Oh look! Wait a second! Could this be a…a…a brand-new post that’s not related to anything in particular? Why yes it is! While I really should be wrapping up my Buffy the Vampire Slayer retrospective and continuing on with my X-Files retrospective, as well as completing the 3,000+ ideas I have waiting to be written and blogged about, I’m testing out a brand-new weekly segment to this blog. I hope you are as entertained as I was while coming up with it while insomnia kicked in earlier this morning (“F Yeah, Insomnia!”).

Thanks to the magic that is Spotify, though their artist payment model is pretty crappy – that’ll be a future guest post from a friend, I can embed my playlists into this blog for everyone’s auditory pleasure. I listen to a wide range of music and a variety of genres. I am open to listening to just about anything, except for my roommate’s Top 40 mix, most popular music nowadays is horrendous, and this obsession with EDM and Dubstep and their terrible offspring is ruining good electronic music genres.

So what am I listening to this week? An eclectic mix of songs, with many on the list appearing in various television series. Well, mostly Canadian series with a few American ones thrown in. Let’s take a look at this week’s musical selections:

If you love television shows that fall under the sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural genres, you’ll recognize many of the selections. The other tracks are recent songs or songs that I’ve loved for years that I’ve also featured in this first mix. As a quick disclaimer, I should mention that there are some spoilers for the following series: Lost Girl, Buffy the Vampire SlayerBitten, and Orphan Black. It’s more in reference to which scenes the tracks play in, but you have been properly warned.

8 MM – “Around the Sun” – Between the Devil and Two Black Hearts

Appears in Season 3 / Episode 4 (“SubterrFaenean”) of Lost Girl, playing in the background as Lauren and Bo have sex for the first time as a canon couple. Damn awesome track for that scene, and a personal favorite.

Adaline – “Famous for Fire” – Famous for Fire

Appears in Season 1/ Episode 2 (“Prodigal”) of Bitten, during a scene where lead character Elena is in her old bedroom at Stonehurst manor, while her old flame Clay lurks outside her window.

Alanis Morissette – “Tapes” – Flavors of Entanglement

As I’ve established in this blog already, I’ m a huge Alanis fan. Yes – still after all these years. This haunting track off her post-Ryan Reynolds engagement period is a moody ambient track that have some really emotional vocals to match the mood of the lyrics, about having so many thoughts haunting your mind at the same time. It’s a common theme in Alanis’ music.

Alanis Morissette – “Edge of Evolution” – Havoc and Bright Lights

The ending track to Alanis’ most recent record, “Edge of Evolution” is a song that I’ve been addicted to since I first heard it after I bought the album. Though the lyrics are a little hokey (about evolving one’s self-consciousness), the music is quite superb, and it also features a really awesome bassline that is the highlight of the track.

The Belle Game – “Blame Fiction” – Ritual Tradition Habit

Appears in Season 1 / Episode 10 (“Endless Forms Most Beautiful”) of Orphan Black, in a scene where Cosima makes the shocking discovery that each of the clones has been secretly coded with an ID tag that can be found in their DNA, indicating that they’re the property of the Dyad Institute.

brian botkiller – “Welcome to Postwar USA (ft. En Esch)” – Welcome to Postwar USA

Botkiller is a local electronic music artist here in Albuquerque that I’ve met here-and-there throughout the years in my goth/industrial circle of friends & acquaintances. Check out his other tracks – you won’t be disappointed. The track features industrial music legend En Esch (KMFDM, Slick Idiot).

Curve – “Chinese Burn” – Come Clean

Appears in Season E / Episode 14 (“Bad Girls”) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy and Faith take subtext to all new levels during a sexy dance scene at the Bronze in the episode. The sexual tension was so thick that it reached Mulder & Scully levels at several points throughout the episode.

Evanescence – “Lost in Paradise” – Evanescence

This is a song that should appear in a film or television show soundtrack because it’s so moving and epic. A big orchestra sound + Amy Lee’s signature vocals + lyrics about alienation due to fame = classic Evanescence track.

Fear Factory – “Resurrection” – Obsolete

Before The Matrix came out in 1999, Fear Factory released a concept album called Obsolete that had a story similar to Neo’s journey in the first film. The album itself is a “sequel” to their first concept album, the groundbreaking Demanufacture, which was heavily inspired by The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is Fear Factory’s most accessible and epic track, with heavy moments for older fans and quieter moments for new ones getting into metal.

Jace Everett – “Bad Things” – Jace Everett

Otherwise known as the True Blood intro theme. R.I.P. True Blood, and I’m sorry that your ending proved to be as unsatisfying to fans as Dexter‘s final bow.

Keaton Henson – “You” – Birthdays [Deluxe Edition]

MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT: Appears in Season 4 / Episode 13 (“Dark Horse”) of Lost Girl, this song accompanies the last scene in the Season 4 finale. The scene in question still breaks my heart: Bo visits her best friend Kenzi’s grave, swearing to do whatever it takes to bring her back. Also featured in the series In The Flesh in Season 2 / Episode 6.

Lana Del Ray – “Once Upon A Dream” – Maleficient: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I’m not a Lana Del Ray fan. I find her annoying, boring, pretentious, and a mass-marketed female “idol” for young women who should find better singers to listen to. This is the only Lana track that I can tolerate because I love her dark and haunting take on the classic song from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, re-envisioned for the recently-released film Maleficent, based on the most iconic of Disney’s villains.

The Neighbourhood – “Honest” – The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This song plays during the ending credits. Really great track to an enjoyable film (I liked it, though it had its faults).

Pale 3 – “In My Head” – The Matrix Revolutions: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Appears in the scene where Morpheus, Ghost, and Trinity fight their way through the Merovingian’s BDSM-themed club to try and get Neo back from the “limbo” location he’s trapped in.

Sharon Van Etten – “Serpents” – Tramp

This song appears both in The Walking Dead and Lost Girl, both in pivotal ending scenes. For The Walking Dead, it’s the scene in which Rick leaves Carol behind after discovering that she’s the one that killed Karen and the other sick member of their group in the prison, to ease their suffering before they succumbed to their illness (Season 4 / Episode 4 – “Indifference”). For Lost Girl, it’s the last scene in the Season 2 finale “Flesh and Blood,” where Bo stares into a mirror and notices that her eyes start to glow blue, indicating that the Succubus inside is ready to have fun. This leads into one of the major story arcs of Season 3.

Slipknot – “Snuff” – All Hope Is Gone

If you haven’t seen the video for this song, I suggest you see it immediately. Featuring cameos from Malcolm McDowell and Ashley Laurence (Kirsty Cotton from the Hellraiser films), this deeply emotional track is one of my all-time favorite songs, and a huge departure for slipknot, who bring the music down to a very slow, melodic level in the track. Doesn’t mean it’s still not a heavy and powerful song.

Stabbing Westward – “Why” – Wither Blister Burn + Peel

This would be “Snuff” more than a decade after Slipknot released that song. Stabbing Westward is known for guitar-driven industrial music, falling under the Industrial Rock sub-genre, but this song is one of their slower tracks, but still a very powerful track that has so many great layers of electronics and traditional instruments mixed into the track. The vocals by lead singer Christopher Hall are both angsty and longing.

VAST – “Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me” – Turquoise & Crimson

One of my all-time favorite songs. This is a different version of the original track, with “From Me” omitted from the title, and more soundscapes added to the background. The track can be found in both Smallville (Season 8 / Episode 10 – “Bride”) and One Tree Hill (Season 1 / Episode 21 – “The Leaving Song”).

Velvet Chain – “Strong” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Music from the Television Series

Featured in the first season of one of my favorite shows, “Strong” is the song that I most associate with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Playing on stage at the Bronze in “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date,” Buffy and her date Owen are slowly dancing to the track. It’s a sweet moment and one of the few breaths of air that Buffy is allowed to take before things get chaotic as the series progresses.

Young Galaxy – “Queen Drum” – Invisible Republic

“Queen Drum” was featured in the first season of Orphan Black, but the exact episode is escaping me. Just means that I have to re-watch the season. What a bummer… ;)

Happy 17th Birthday to “Welcome to the Hellmouth!”– Buffy’s 1st Episode + Links to My Ongoing Retrospective

Wow – has it really been 17 years since the premiere of the television version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? *clutches chest* I may be in my early-30’s, but that still makes me feel quite old. According to my calculations, I was 15-going-on-16 when “Welcome to the Hellmouth” first aired. *clutches chest again* For many people of my generation, Buffy was our show. It spoke to us about our high school and teenage experiences that other shows really hadn’t up until that point (though My So-Called Life and Daria are two other excellent examples of my generation). High school could literally be Hell at times, though I doubt most high schools didn’t reside over Hellmouths, though I question my former high school at times…

Sure, there were many supernatural elements in the show, but to associate the supernatural with real-life events really made the show unique, as well as strong, well-written characters and many amazing moments that caused us to laugh, cry, shout, shake our fists at, and bond over. As I’ve gone over in my retrospective posts, which are all conveniently listed below, there are some moments that really speak to us as viewers. To this day, most of the episodes hold up pretty well and some not-so-much. But even the worst episodes are quite enjoyable and fun to re-watch with fans old and new.

I salute you, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, on such a major accomplishment and still being a fan-favorite after all of these years. If you still have time in your timezones, throw on “Welcome to the Hellmouth” and enjoy the trip down 1990’s TV nostalgia. There is a Slayer born into every generation, and that Slayer is Buffy Summers. The woman deserves as much recognition that we can give her – let’s pay tribute by binge-watching all seven seasons. Well, if you can work them around your Real Life and work schedules.

Slightly Funny Side-note: Today is also my boss’ birthday. How coincidental. She’s kickass like Buffy, but without the stakes or vampires to fight.


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Retrospective (12): They Will Try to Destroy Us [Team Evil]

Enemy. Arch-nemesis. Villain. Stranger Danger. Many words can be used to describe our adversaries – those individuals, both human and monster, that are trying to kill or destroy us on a daily basis. What? This doesn’t happen in your life? Well now, this is a bit awkward. Ahem…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has seen its fair share of some pretty unique Bad Guys who have tried to make sure the Slayer dies permanently and stays six feet under. Not even dying several times could keep her down, and she even clawed her way out of her own grave. That’s pretty hardcore, but Buffy always bounces back from the afterlife. Throughout the show’s seven season run, there have been many formidable opponents that Buffy has had to face down on a weekly basis.

 None have been more formidable than the appropriately dubbed “Big Bad.” Bonus points if you can figure out which season and which baddie that phrase first referred to. Give you another minute…a few more seconds… OK, now for the answer: Buffy first used the term to describe Angel after he had turned into his nasty alter-ego Angelus in Season Two. Angelus was the Big Bad thing that lurked in the dark after he turned, and Buffy had to use all of her Slayer-ness to fight him off without dying.

Buffy’s Big Bads’ have been some of the scariest and powerful enemies that she’s encountered on the show, and one she held a very personal and emotional connection with. The Big Bads have progressively gotten more powerful and scary as each season passed, starting with a vampire known as the Master, and ending with Buffy and the Scooby Gang and Potentials literally fighting the First Evil and its minions. She’s also fought a human-turned-demon, a cybernetic monster built with demon and human parts, a Hell God, three nerds with evil plans, and her best friend. Each of these foes beat her down physically, emotionally, and mentally, yet every single time Buffy was able to find the much-needed strength within herself and the love and support of her Scooby Gang to defeat each super-villain.

It would be easy to go in-depth about each of the Big Bads listed below, but why do that and ruin the surprise for those of you out there who have yet to see the show? Instead I’m gonna throw screenshots at you and tell you, Fellow Geeky Readers, what awful, super-evil deeds that they’ve done. For your homework tonight, People Who Haven’t Seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is to sit down and watch every single episode and decide who your favorite Big Bads are.

There will be a separate post following shortly showcasing the other monsters and villains that we’ve seen in each season of the show, but the Big Bads deserved their own post. They simply cannot be lumped together with the rest of the Team Evil pack – that wouldn’t be fair to them. Though the auxiliary baddies have been as much fun to watch as our Big Bads.

SPOILER WARNING: As always, I would like to remind all readers that there are spoilers below. Each Big Bads’ death is revealed, so it you want to keep your virgin eyes away, proceed to another post. So, tread carefully and enjoy.


The Big Bads (Through the Seasons)

The Master – with Darla (Season 1)


Episodes: “Welcome to the Hellmouth,” “The Harvest,” “Never Kill a Boy on the First Date,” “Angel,” “Nightmares,” “Prophecy Girl”; Season 2 – “When She was Bad”; Season 3 – “The Wish”

Pros: The Master was a powerful and old vampire (over 600-years-old) who couldn’t be killed by normal vampire-killing methods; the older the vampire, the harder they fall. He was able to use hypnosis on Buffy and was able to drown her, killing her (the first time). Darla was Angel’s maker and tried to seduce him into coming back into the Order of Aurelius, run by the Master.

Cons: Though the Master was strong and older than most vampires, he could still be killed. Buffy was able to fight off his hypnosis ability and kill him. His arrogance was also his downfall. Darla underestimated Angel and his former devotion to her. Angel was able to use his past history with Darla to get close enough to her to stake her.

Dastardly Deeds: TheMaster – had his minions kill innocents in order to help him gain the strength needed to escape the Hellmouth. He also managed to kill Buffy by drowning her, but she was saved thanks to Xander and CPR. Darla attacked Buffy’s mother and tried to pin it on Angel, but Joyce recalled seeing a blonde-haired woman at her house, indicating Darla had paid a visit.

Cause of Death: TheMaster – falling upon a huge piece of broken wood as he fell through the skylight that led into Sunnydale High’s library. Darla – staked by her former lover and child, Angel.


Spike, Drusilla, and Angelus (Season 2)

spike drusilla angelus

Episodes: “School Hard,” “Halloween,” “Lie to Me,” “What’s My Line, Parts 1 & 2,” “Surprise,” “Innocence,” “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,” “Passion,” “I Only Have Eyes for You,” “Becoming, Parts 1 & 2”; Season 3 (Spike) – “Lover’s Walk”; Season 4 (Spike) – “The Harsh Light of Day” and “Wild at Heart”

Pros: Spike – anarchic behavior allowed him to be more dangerous than other vampires. He also became one of the leaders of the Sunnydale vampires, along with Drusilla, organizing them into a strong force that put up quite the fight against the Slayer and her allies. Drusilla – her “psychic” abilities and general psychosis and sociopathic behavior made her a very dangerous enemy. Her unpredictability was legendary and proved to be a valuable asset to her and Spike during their initial reign of terror. Angelus – the most dangerous of this vampiric trio, his intimate knowledge of the Slayer and the Scooby Gang allowed him to invest his time in psychological and mental warfare, causing a terror campaign that tore the Slayer down, causing her to doubt herself and her friends wondering if she was strong enough to kill him if it got to that point.

Cons: Spike – his arrogance got him his ass handed to him several times, and he was unable to kill the Slayer, much to his chagrin. Falling in love with her later on probably didn’t help either, and some signs of that showed in the season finale. Drusilla – does being super-duper-crazy count? While she used her psychotic episodes to her advantage, they also proved to be a disadvantage when it came to killing the Slayer. Well, at least when it came to Buffy and not the vampire slayer called after her. Angelus – arrogance was also one of his negative traits, and fighting the feelings that he felt for Buffy.

Dastardly Deeds: Spike – killed a few Sunnydale citizens, including high school students, and took over control of the gang of vampires that were roaming about aimlessly after the Master was killed, and killed the Master’s chosen one, the Anointed One (he was annoying, after all). Drusilla threatened many a person, both human and non-human, but her most dastardly deed was the brutal killing of the slayer Kendra, who was called after Buffy’s short-term death. Drusilla hypnotized Kendra and slit her throat using her nails, causing the young woman to bleed to death; Buffy later discovered her lifeless body after Angelus tricked her into leaving the high school unguarded. Angelus himself was responsible for many horrible acts, though none were as sinister as Jenny Calendar’s murder and the way he left her body for Giles to discover when he returned to his townhouse. Angelus also captured Giles and tortured him, trying to get information from him about unleashing the demon Acathla upon the world.

Cause of Death: Spike and Drusilla survived this season, which left Angelus/Angel as the only casualty of the season. After using his own blood to summon Acathla to form a portal that would send Earth’s citizens into one of the many Hell dimensions, Buffy ran a sword through him – his blood was needed to close the portal as well. Unfortunately for the both of them, Angelus’ soul was restored to him and he turned back into Angel, but the portal had already been opened. Buffy, devastated by this turn of events, asked him to close his eyes before killing him. Yeah – as I’ve mentioned before, I still cry like a baby during this scene. But as we all know, Angel’s death was not a permanent one.


 Mayor Richard Wilkins with Mr. Trick and Faith (Season 3)

Episodes: “Faith, Hope and Trick,” “Band Candy,” “Lover’s Walk,” “Gingerbread,” “Bad Girls,” “Consequences,” “Doppelgangland,” “Enemies,” “Choices,” “Graduation Day Parts 1 & 2”; Season 4 – “This Year’s Girl”

Pros: Mayor Wilkins – he was the mayor of Sunnydale, after all. He was also invincible and immortal for a short time, while he was preparing himself to become a full-fledged serpentine demon. He also used his surprisingly charming personality to gain Faith’s trust and loyalty after she defected from the Scooby Gang. MayorWilkins didn’t fear anything, which worked in his favor. Mr. Trick MayorWilkins’ loyal vampire lackey who was left supervisor-less after Faith killed his former boss, the ancient vampire Kakistos. He didn’t last long ’cause the Dark Slayer herself staked him, inadvertently saving Buffy’s life, though at that point they were already becoming enemies. Faith – like Angelus, had intimate knowledge of the Scooby Gang and Buffy and used that to her advantage during her epic confrontations with the Slayer. Having a good guy turn bad is never a good thing.

Cons: MayorWilkins – his love and affection for Faith later turned out to be his biggest weakness, which Buffy exploited at the end of the season when she battled him and his demonic team at Sunnydale High. Mr. Trick – he jumped bosses quickly and was more of a behind-the-scenes vampire versus being front-and-center in the fight. Faith – like Drusilla and more famously Callisto from Xena, Warrior Princess, being a bit bitchy and sociopathic and psychotic doesn’t really get you anywhere in the world, as she quickly learned. And even though she harbored lots of hate and rage towards Buffy, she did feel some love towards her too. Being knocked out and falling into a coma doesn’t help either.

Dastardly Deeds: MayorWilkins – lots to name, but he ate quite a few graduating high school students in the season finale. And he also became a real demon, which made him giant-sized and twice as scary. Mr. Trick – he killed a few innocent people before being offed. Faith – also too many to list, but she murdered a vulcanologist at the Mayor’s behest, killing an innocent life for his hidden agenda. Deputy Mayor Allan Finch’s death was an accident, but her actions afterward and coldness towards his death led to her descent into the darkside.

Cause of Death: MayorWilkins – snake jerky, thanks to thousands of pounds of explosives rigged in and around Sunnydale High. Mr. Trick – death by staking (common vampire death), courtesy of Faith. Faith – the only survivor of this season, but she later redeemed herself and helped Buffy at the end of the series.


Adam (Season 4)


Episodes: “Goodbye Iowa,” “Who Are You,” “Superstar,” “New Moon Rising,” “The Yoko Factor,” and “Primeval”

Pros: Unstoppable killing machine built by a secret military agency that created the perfect soldier – cybernetics, human, and demon body parts. Oh, and a radioactive core that powered him that made him invincible as well. Adam was a dangerous hybrid that out up quite the fight against Buffy and almost killed her on several occasions when the two met to battle against each other.

Cons: Being a stupid killing machine whose arrogance would be his undoing, Adam was also one of the more boring Big Bads of the series. He was cool to look at, but left much to be desired.

Dastardly Deeds: Killed many Initiative soldiers and scientists, fileted a young boy so that he could study human anatomy, and recruited Spike to temporarily help him gain an upper-hand against Buffy and the Scooby Gang by pitting them against each other.

 Cause of Death: Using an awesome spell (Xander, Willow, and Giles formed the core that helped her out) that summoned an ancient Sumerian being to give her strength, Buffy went all demon goddess-like, beating the crap out of Adam and ripping his radioactive/organic heart out, killing him instantly. Goodbye Mr. Terminator-meets-Pumpkinhead-meets-Human Soldier Monster!


Glory (Season 5)

glory jinx dreg

Episodes: “No Place Like Home,” “Family,” “Shadow,” “Checkpoint,” “Blood Ties,” “I Was Made to Love You,” “Forever,” “Intervention,” “Tough Love,” “Spiral,” “The Weight of the World,” “The Gift”

Pros: Glory was a Hell God, after all. I think that puts her towards the top of the list of Big Bads. Oh, and she was sassy and bitchy and snarky and gorgeous, with a great sense of style. And she had many demonic minions at her beck-and-call.

Cons: All her pros were also cons, and she also switched between her real self and turning into her human avatar, Ben, which Buffy exploited during their intense battle in the pivotal episode “The Gift.”

Dastardly Deeds: Glory did invade a human host, leaving poor Ben trapped within his own body. She also had a gross and scary ability to suck human minds by pushing her fingers into her victims’ skulls, turning them into lobotomized versions of themselves. Poor Tara was one of her victims, sacrificing herself to protect Dawn when Glory was looking for the “Key” (a mystical entity that could open portals between our world and other dimensions). Tara made her believe that she was the Key, and Glory drove her insane after feeding off of her. Tara recovered after Glory was taken out.

Cause of Death: Her human host, Ben, was suffocated to death by Giles. Glory herself was beaten into submission using the Dagon Sphere and Olaf’s Hammer, courtesy of Buffy and some major ass-kicking. She was forced back into her human host, and presumably is back in her Hell dimension. Buffy ended up dying because Dawn (being the Key) had her blood used to open the portal into Glory’s dimension, but Buffy’s blood could also be used to close it (Dawn was created using Buffy’s bloodline). Her sacrifice ended up saving the world, until the next Big Bad came along to threaten it.


Nerds of Doom [Warren Mears/Andrew Wells/Jonathan Levinson] and Dark Willow (Season 6)

 warren-mears jonathan-levinson andrew-wells dark-willow

Episodes: “Flooded,” “Life Serial,” “Smashed,” “Gone,” “Dead Things,” “Normal Again,” “Entropy,” “Seeing Red,” “Villains,” “Two to Go,” “Grave”

Pros: Nerds of Doom – they were undetectable for a while as Big Bads because they were human and seemed harmless to Buffy and the Scooby Gang, but their real intentions would soon be found out. Dark Willow – she absorbed an insane amount of magick and became the most powerful with on Earth at the time, and with her being such a huge part of the Scooby Gang, they couldn’t bring themselves to possibly killing her when she went on her rampage, which resulted in the death of one of the Nerds.

Cons: Nerds of Doom – not as dangerous as the other Big Bads, though Warren was clearly the ringleader who wasn’t afraid to commit acts of evil. Jonathan and Andrew followed him, but were leery to performing acts of evil (Jonathan the most cautious of the three). Andrew would later kill Jonathan after being tricked into doing so by the First, disguised as Warren. Dark Willow – thought her magickal power was unmatched, she was stopped by her best friend, Xander, who reminded her of the humanity that was still left inside, and he helped bring her away from the darkness and turmoil inside her soul that was threatening to not only destroy her, but the world itself.

Dastardly Deeds: The Nerds of Doom tried to cause chaos and destruction, and try unsuccessfully to kill Buffy on several occasions, but Warren was able to succeed in killing a crucial member of the Scooby Gang and seriously injuring another: Tara and Buffy, respectively. Tara’s death was the catalyst for Willow turning into a dark, black magick version of herself, and she sought revenge for Tara’s death by going after our nerdy trio, successfully killing Warren before Buffy and gang were able to stop her. She also tried to destroy the whole world – her pain was that deep. Losing someone that you love so suddenly can cause so much grief, and Willow wanted the world to feel hers.

Cause of Death: Andrew and Jonathan survived, but Warren died at the hands of Willow, being flayed alive and hung up to die (getting your skin ripped off can lead to massive bleeding – FYI). Willow never died, so only one major Big Bad casualty in this season.


The First [aka The First Evil] – with Caleb, the Turok-han and Bringers (Season 7)

the-first caleb bringersNote: Bringers picture above from Season 3’s “Amends”


Episodes: “Lessons,” “Beneath You,” “Conversations with Dead People,” “Sleeper,” “Never Leave Me,” “Bring on the Night,” “Showtime,” “Potential,” “First Date,” “Get It Done,” “Dirty Girls,” “Empty Places,” “Touched,” “End of Days,” “Chosen”

Pros: Caleb – tough preacher obsessed with serving his master, theFirst. Likes to kill young woman who could potentially be Slayers in the future. With the First giving him his strength, he was pretty unstoppable until a scythe got in the way. Turok-han – uber-vampires that were tougher to kill than your average Sunnydale vampires, they killed many Potentials and proved to be difficult adversaries for Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Bringers – worshippers of the First that have been seen in Sunnydale before but played a major role in Season 7. They were responsible for hunting down all potential Slayers and killing them before they could gain full strength. The First – literally the FirstEvil to have existed on Earth, its influence was felt in every season as Buffy faced off against one dangerous Big Bad after another.

Cons: Caleb – easily killed by sharp objects, crazy for a god that doesn’t exist (the First); Bringers – sharp objects; Turok-han – take what kills normal vampires and crank it up to 1,000; The First – can make evil suggestions, but can’t really kill anyone (being an evil spirit and all).

Dastardly Deeds: Killing lots of future Slayers, messing with the Scooby Gang, causing Spike to kill innocents after regaining his soul, not being as witty as one thinks (here’s looking at you, Caleb).

Cause of Death: Caleb – sliced in half by the Slayer Scythe; Turok-han – killed by Slayers (Buffy, Faith, and the former Potentials), huge beam of sunlight courtesy of Spike’s special amulet; The First – hidden deep below the imploded Hellmouth, waiting to return another time.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: It should be noted that five of the Big Bads (or allies to the Big Bads) were able to redeem themselves from their wicked ways, or were good guys who plunged toward darkness. In the case of Spike and Andrew, they started off as Big Bads but eventually joined the Scooby Gang (Spike in Season 5, Andrew in Season 7), and the other three were all Scooby Gang members at one point before their destinies took a dark turn: Angel (Season 2), Faith (Season 3), and Willow (Season 6). These five former villains would become pivotal members during the last episode of the show, “Chosen,” and their contributions helped Buffy defeat the main villains while starting a new life outside of Sunnydale.